Questions to Ask Before Vaccinating

Questions to Ask Before Vaccinating

Ask your doctor these vaccine dangers questions before you vaccinate!  The answers to these questions are profoundly important so that you understand the risks to your child or yourself from vaccines.


1. Do you prescreen babies for allergies for common vaccine ingredients such as egg proteins, yeast proteins, and latex?  If not, can I be assured that my child will not have a reaction to vaccines that contain these ingredients?

2. There’s evidence that having certain gene mutations, such as  MTHFR, could be a genetic predisposition to vaccine  adverse effects. Shouldn’t all children be prescreened for such things before being vaccinated to lessen the amount of adverse events experienced by our children?

3. If vaccine adverse reactions are so rare, why are vaccine manufacturers immune from liability?

4. Have you ever written a medical exemption? Are doctors scrutinized for writing them? Admonished by their employers or insurance companies if they issue too many? Is there pressure to maintain high vaccination rates in your practice?

5. Ask them to respond to this hypothetical situation: If you had a patient in your practice whose first child had permanent neurological issues directly related to a vaccination, would you consider issuing a medical exemption for that child’s younger siblings if they didn’t know scientifically what caused the oldest child to have a reaction?

Would you give the oldest child a medical exemption for other vaccines or only the one he had a reaction to? For example, CDC’s contraindications suggest that a child who has had a seizure after one vaccine not be given that vaccine again, but they aren’t contraindicated for others.

Would you be willing to give a medical exemption for a kid who’d had a seizure from one vaccine and the parents didn’t want to give them others if they didn’t know the reason for the first adverse reaction?

6. I’m concerned about some of the ingredients in vaccines, such as Thimerosal, formaldehyde and aluminum.  Aren’t they dangerous to inject into my child?

7. Is it possible for you to go through the insert for reach recommended vaccine and let me know what the ingredients are and explain some of the possible side effects? Along with an explanation for the sections that say “not studied for. ..”? I’d like to know from your expertise and knowledge so I could better understand.

8. Are you concerned that Dr. Diane Harper, who was one of the researchers who helped to create the Gardasil vaccine was quoted as saying “The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed”?

9. Why do you think the government is trying to mandate the vaccines for illnesses that are not communicable in a school setting such as tetanus and Hep B?

10. Do you know what the adult immunization rates are statewide and why we don’t hear about these  statistics in relation to “herd immunity” in our community?

11. Can you guarantee that this is 100% safe and effective?  If yes, ask for it in writing?

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