Vaccine Dangers: Books

Vaccine Dangers: Books

List of Recommended Books To Read On The Dangers Of Vaccinations


  1. A Century Of Vaccination And What It Teaches, by W. Scott Tebb, M.M.A., M.D.
  2. A Criminal Consequence of Vaccine Injury: Misdiagnosed Shaken Baby Syndrome, by Alan G. Phillips, Esq.
  3. A Shot in the Dark, by Harris L. Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher
  4. A Stolen Life, by Marge Grant
  5. Adverse Events Associated With Childhood Vaccines: Evidence Bearing on Causality ,by Kathleen R. Stratton, Ph.D., Cynthia J. Howe
  6. AIDS And the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic, by Alan Cantwell, M.D.
  7. AIDS, the Mystery and the Solution, by Alan Cantwell, M.D.
  8. Anthrax a Deadly Shot in the Dark: Unmasking the Truth Behind a Hazardous Vaccine, by Lt. Col. Thomas S. Heemsra
  9. Behavioral Problems in Childhood: The Link to Vaccination, by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.
  10. Bodily Matters: The Anti-Vaccination Movement in England 1853-1907, by Nadja Durbach, Ph.D., M.A., B.A.
  11. Changing the Course of Autism, by Bryan Jepson, M.D.
  12. Children With Starving Brains, by Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D.
  13. Confessions of a Medical Heretic, by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.
  14. Dangers of Compulsory Immunizations: How to Avoid Them Legally, by Tom Finn, Esq.
  15. Detoxify Or Die, by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.
  16. Dissent in Medicine: Nine Doctors Speak Out, by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.
  17. Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History Paperback – July 27, 2013by Suzanne Humphries MD
  18. Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate, by Mayer Eisenstein M.D., J.D., M.P.H.
  19. Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, … Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics, by Edward T. Haslam
  20. Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?, by Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
  21. Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines, by Stephen Cummings, M.D.
  22. Every Second Child, by Archie Kalokerinos, M.D., M.B.B.S., F.A.P.M.
  23. Evidence of Harm, by David Kirby
  24. Fear of the Invisible, by Janine Roberts
  25. Fowl! Bird Flu: It’s Not What You Think, by Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.
  26. Germs, Biological Warfare, Vaccinations: What you Need to Know, by Gary Null, Ph.D.
  27. Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustratedby Chas. M. Higgins, M.D.
  28. How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.
  29. ICD-999 Vaccine Induced Diseases: The Chronic Serum Sickness Postulate, by Patrick Jordan
  30. Immunization Dice, by Michael J. Brody, Ph.D.
  31. Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, by Walene James
  32. Immunizations: The Terrible Risks Your Children Face That Your Doctor Won’t Reveal, by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.
  33. Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, by Amy Lansky, Ph.D.
  34. Inoculation Dangers to Travelers, etc., by Maurice Beddow Bayly, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  35. Inside the FDA: The Business and Politics Behind the Drugs We Take and the Food We Eat, by Fran Hawthorne
  36. Jabs, Jenner and Juggernauts, by Jenny Craig
  37. Just a Little Prick, by Peter and Hilary Butler
  38. Justice for My Son, by Vera Duffy w/ Martin Duffy Leicester
  39. SANITATION versus VACCINATION, by J.T. Biggs
  40. Lethal Injections Why Immunizations Don’t Work and the Damage They Cause, by William Douglass, M.D.
  41. Medicine On Trial, by Charles B. Inlander, Lowell S. Levine, Ed Weinter
  42. Mercury: The Winged Messenger, by Courtney L. Zietzke
  43. On the Take: How Medicine’s Complicity with Big Business Can Endanger Your Health, by Jerome Kassirer, M.D.
  44. Out of Silence: An Autistic Boy’s Journey into Language and Communication, by Russell Martin
  45. Pasteur, Plagiarist, Impostor! The Germ Theory Exploded!, by R. B. Pearson
  46. Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plt, by Alan Cantwell, M.D.
  47. Racketeering in Medicine: The Suppression of Alternatives, by James P. Carter, M.D.
  48. Raising a Vaccine Free Child, by Wendy Lydall
  49. Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide For All Ages, by Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.
  50. Science in the Private Interest: Has the Lure of Profits Corrupted Biomedical Research?, by ZSheldon Krimsky, M.S., Ph.D.
  51. Science, Money and Politics: Political Triumph and Ethical Erosion, by Daniel S. Greenberg
  52. Selling Sickness: How the World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies Are Turning Us All Into Patients, by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassells
  53. Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnosis on Shaky Ground, by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.
  54. Silenced Witnesses: v.II: The Parents Story: The Denial of Vaccine Damage by Government, Corporations and the Media
  55. Some Call it AIDS: I Call it Murder, The Connection Between Cancer, AIDS, Immunizations, and Genocide, by Eva Snead M.D.
  56. State of Immunity: The Politics of Vaccination in Twentieth Century America, by James Colegrove, Ph.D., M.P.H.
  57. Swine Flu Exposed, by Eleanore McBean, Ph.D., N.D.
  58. Terror of Pediatric Medicine, by Mark Sircus, Ac., O.M.D.
  59. The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions, by Alan G. Phillips, Esq.
  60. The Case Against Vaccination, by Walter Hadwen, J.P., M.D., L.R.C.p., M.R.C.S., L.S.A.
  61. The Chickenpox Vaccine: A new epidemic of disease and corruption, by Mark Orrin and Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D.
  62. The Decline of Tuberculosis Despite “Protective” Vaccination, by Gerhard Buchwald, M.D.
  63. The Fraud of Vaccination, by Walter Hadwen, J.P., M.D., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., L.S.A.
  64. The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed, by Mike Adams
  65. The Hidden Dangers in Polio Vaccine, by Eleanor McBean, Ph.D., N.D.
  66. The Immunisation Decision, by Randall Neustaedter, O.M.D.
  67. The Immunization Resource Guide: Where to Find Answers to All Your Questions About Childhood Vaccinations, by Diane Rozario
  68. The Infant Survival Guide: Protecting Your Baby from the Dangers of Crib Death, Vaccines and Other Environmental Hazards, by Lendon H. Smith, M.D.
  69. The Medical Mafia: How to Get Out of It Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth, by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D.
  70. The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts about Vaccination, by Eleanor McBean, Ph.D., N.D.
  71. The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immunization, by Tim O’Shea, D.C.
  72. The Story of The Salk Anti-poliomyelitis Vaccine, by Maurice Beddow Bayly, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
  73. The Trial of The Medical Mafia, by Joachim Schafer
  74. The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It, by Marcia Angell, M.D.
  75. The Vaccination Connection, by Sue Marston
  76. The Vaccination Nonsense, by Gerhard Buchwald, M.D.
  77. The Vaccination Problem, by Joseph Swan
  78. The Vaccine Guide: Making an Informed Choice , by Randall Neustaedter, O.M.D.
  79. The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of A Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccines, and the Millions of Americans Exposed, by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher
  80. Universal Immunization: Medical Miracle or Masterful Mirage, by Raymond Obomsawin, Ph.D.
  81. Vaccine-Free Prevention and Treatment with Homeopathy, by Jeffrey J. Starre, M.D.
  82. Vaccines: The Risks, the Benefits, the Choices, a Resource Guide for Parents, by Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.
  83. Vaccines: Vital or Vulnerable, by Archie Kalokerinos, M.D., M.B.B.S., F.A.P.M., Glen Dettman, A.M.M., B.A., Ph.D., F.A.P.M.
  84. Vaccination: 100 Years of Orthodox Research Shows Vaccinations are a Medical Assault on the Immune System, by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.
  85. Vaccination- A Business Based on Fear, by Gerhard Buchwald, M.D.
  86. Vaccination- A Fatal Error, by Bronwyn Hancock, B.S., Cert. Nutr.
  87. Vaccination- A Parent’s Dilemma, by Greg Beattie
  88. Vaccination and Behavioral Disorders: a review of the controversy, by Greg Wilson
  89. Vaccinations & Immunization: Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives, by Leon Chaitow, D.O., N.D.
  90. Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality, the Medical Assault on the American Brain, by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D.
  91. Vaccination: The Cruel Deception, by Christian Borleis
  92. Vaccination: “The Hidden” Facts, by Ian Sinclair, Dipl. Nutr.
  93. Vaccination The Silent Killer: A Clear And Present Danger, by Ida Honorof, Eleanor McBean, PhD., N.D.
  94. Vaccinations: Deception & Tragedy, by Michael Dye
  95. Vaccinations: The Issue of Our Times, by Peggy O’Mara
  96. Vaccinations: The Rest of the Story, by Peggy O’Mara
  97. Vaccinations: The Untold Truth, by Yves DeLatte
  98. Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers-And Why GIs Are Only the First Victims, by Gary Matsumoto
  99. Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, by Neil Z. Miller
  100. Vaccines: An Ounce of Prevention? Or a Pound of Death?, by Keidi Obi Awadu
  101. Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Black Community, by Yoshua Barak
  102. Vaccines Are Dangerous: A Warning to the Global Community 2nd Edtion, by Curtis Cost
  103. Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective, by Neil Z. Miller
  104. What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy, by Cynthia Cournoyer
  105. What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunizations, by Jamie Murphy
  106. What The Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Vaccines, by Todd Elsner, D.C.
  107. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations, by Stephanie Cave, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.
  108. When Your Doctor Is Wrong, Hepatitis B Vaccine and Autism, by Judy Converse, M.P.H., R.D.
  109. White Lies: A Tale of Babies, Vaccines, and Deception, by Sarah Collins Honenberger, J.D.
  110. Your Personal Guide to Immunization Exemptions, by Grace Girdwain


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