Vaccines and Aborted Cell Lines

Vaccines and Aborted Cell Lines

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PER.C6: Cell line from retinal tissue of a 18 week old fetus aborted in 1985, further developed and prepared as cell line in 1995.

There was nothing special in the family history, or the pregnancy was completely normal up to the 18 weeks, and it turned out to be a socially indicated abortus, abortus provocatus, and that was simply because the woman wanted to get rid of the fetus.

HEK293: These cells were generated in 1973 by transfection of cultures of normal human embryonic kidney cells with sheared adenovirus in Alex van der Eb’s laboratory in Leiden, the Netherlands. The cells were obtained from a single, apparently healthy, legally aborted fetus under Dutch law; the identity of the parent and the reason for the abortion are unknown.

RA 27/3: The virus strain used in the MMR vaccine rubella-component, is also harvested from aborted fetal tissue.

This strain is better known as RA 27/3 and was obtained from a fetus whose mother had rubella during pregnancy and performed an abortion because of risk of fetal damage. RA 27/3 is also grown in cell line WI-38.

To develop diploid human cell strains, Hayflick and Moorhead began cultivating cells from 25 different tissues retrieved from aborted fetuses. Those cells became 25 different human cell strains, named numerically WI-1 through WI-25. The WI stood for Wistar Institute, where the cell strains were developed. Hayflick and Moorhead used fetal tissues because, more than adult cells, fetal cells more readily developed into fibroblast cells, which are specialized cells that provide structural support to most body tissues.

These were all the cells taken from murdered babies WI-1 through WI-27 until their experiment on murdered unborn baby WI-38 was a “success”. 

  • WI-1 aborted baby’s lung cells
  • WI-2 aborted baby’s skin and muscle cells
  • WI-3 aborted baby’s lung cells
  • WI-4 aborted baby’s kidney cells
  • WI-5 aborted baby’s muscle cells
  • WI-6 aborted baby’s kidney cells
  • WI-7 aborted baby’s thymus and thyroid cells
  • WI-8 aborted baby’s skin, muscle, kidney
  • WI-9 aborted baby’s skin cells
  • WI-10 aborted baby’s kidney cells
  • WI-11 aborted baby’s lung cells
  • WI-12 aborted baby’s skin and muscle cells
  • WI-13 aborted baby’s kidney cells
  • WI-14 aborted baby’s skin cells
  • WI-15 aborted baby’s kidney cells
  • WI-16 aborted baby’s lung cells
  • WI-17 aborted baby’s liver cells
  • WI-18 aborted baby’s lung tissue
  • WI-19 aborted baby’s lung tissue
  • WI-20 aborted baby’s skin and muscle
  • WI-21 aborted baby’s heart cells
  • WI-22 aborted baby’s heart cells
  • WI-23 aborted baby’s lung cells
  • WI-24 aborted baby’s lung cells
  • WI-25 aborted baby’s lung cells
  • WI-26, WI-26 VA4: An SV40 transformed derivative of WI-26, a human diploid cell line derived from embryonic lung tissue of a 3 month gestational aged male Caucasian
  • WI-27: when this aborted baby’s cells failed cells were then obtained from WI-38 which was “successful”.
  • WI-38: This cell was obtained from woman was three months pregnant, but she didn’t want another child. In 1962, at a hospital in Sweden, she had a legal abortion.

The fetus — female, 20 centimetres long and wrapped in a sterile green cloth — was delivered to the Karolinska Institute in northwest Stockholm. There, the lungs were dissected, packed on ice and dispatched to the airport, where they were loaded onto a transatlantic flight.

IMR-90: was derived by W.W. Nichols and associates from the lungs of a 16-week female fetus. Used as an alternate for

WI-44: aborted lungs cells from a 3 gestational month old female fetus used in an experiment along with the cells of deceased adults.

MCR-5: derived from lung tissue of a 14 week old male fetus who was aborted for psychiatric reason from a 27 year old physically healthy woman. Vaccines cultivated on these lines are rubella (German measles), varicella (chickenpox), hepatitis A and rabies.

The human diploid fibroblast strain

MRC-9, the cells were derived from the lungs of a female fetus in 1974, whose gestational age was about fifteen weeks. The fetus was of normal development and was delivered of a fourteen-year-old mother whose pregnancy was terminated by therapeutic abortion because she was unmarried. The medical history of the mother and her family indicated nothing abnormal according to information given by the gynecologist who performed the operation. The lungs were dissected from the fetus immediately following the abortion.

FHs74Int: small intestine obtained 3-4mo gestational age of a female.

IMR-90: was established from a sixteen-week-old human fetus on July 7, 1975, from a therapeutic abortion performed on a thirty-eight-year-old white mother of six.

Walvax-2:  which we derived from the lung tissue of a 3-month-old fetus. Currently being studied for future use.

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