Vaccine Laws In Australia

Vaccine Laws In Australia

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Vaccination is not compulsory and parents continue to have the choice whether or not to vaccinate their child.  However, conscientious objectors can no longer enroll their children in child care and will need to make alternative arrangements.

Vaccine laws in Australia do not make immunization mandatory. No school is legally allowed to discriminate against a child because of their vaccination status. It does not stop allowing unvaccinated children to enroll or to attend.

Refusing to allow a child to enroll or attend a service based on their immunization status is not considered unlawful discrimination under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991. This Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of a number of attributes, including disability or religious belief, however immunization status is not a recognized attribute. Download to read more about Australia’s Childcare Vaccine Law and other legislation in Bill 2015.

About The “No Jab No Pay” Law In Australia
Since January 2016, vaccine laws in Australia, known as  “No Jab, No Pay” began the policy of withholding child benefits from parents who do not vaccinate their children. You can still get a medical exemption for vaccines. This exemption only accepts anaphylactic reactions to individual vaccines or vaccine components, natural immunity, and temporary exemptions are also given to immuno-compromised children. A 2017 Administrative Appeals Tribunal has upheld the right of an appropriately qualified doctor or specialist to certify in writing without using the extremely restrictive Human Services medical exemption form, which enables a child to get their payments reinstalled. Read more here.

For Parents Who Choose Not To Vaccine In Australia
As of January 2018, parents whose children are not fully vaccinated lost their Family Tax Benefit Part A end of year supplement, worth $737. The new changes mean the loose $28 (Australian dollars) every two weeks instead, on a payment of $400 which is overall roughly the same amount of money. Parents who do not vaccinate their child can also lose their family tax benefit that is worth $2,170 per child and child-care rebate that is worth up to $7,500. The other FTB Part A and Part B benefits are NOT affected.

About Vaccines Exemptions In Australia


  • Download  Australia Exemption Form Here
  • Your child may have an exemption from the immunization requirements if a recognized immunization provider (your doctor) signs a letter or form saying that:
    1. they have told you about the benefits and risks of immunizing your child and you have a conscientious objection to immunizing your child (your provider should complete a Health Insurance Commission Immu-12 form)
    2. immunizing your child with a particular vaccine is medically contraindicated (your provider should use the Health Insurance Commission Immu-11 form)
    3. the child has a natural immunity to the disease
    4. the vaccine is not available
    5. you or your partner are a member of the Church of Christ, Scientist and you have a letter from an official of the Church advising that you are a practicing member of the Church.

What Are The Exemptions?
To receive these benefits without being fully immunized your immunization provider needs to certify that:

  • Your child has a medical reason not to have a particular vaccination;
  • Your child has had a disease and has a natural immunity;
  • A particular vaccine is unavailable.

Make Your Decision About Vaccination An Informed One!

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