Vaccine Injury Recovery Program

Vaccine Injury Recovery Program

Contact us to schedule an consultation for a recent or past vaccine injury.  Vaccine injury recovery program using homeopathy and mineral rebalancing is highly effective. Read more also about the  Vaccine Injury Prevention Program.

 Homeopathy supports the body to recover from vaccine injury and adverse reactions both effectively and gently.  If you suspect your child has been vaccine injured, get help with homeopathy.
The sooner you begin to support the vaccine injury recovery with homeopathy and mineral rebalancing, the faster the results will be. 


Testimonials From Recovered Vaccine Injury Cases

“I appreciate all the support you have given us this past year for my children’s vaccine injuries.  Your program goes above and beyond that of any practitioner we had ever worked with.  We will forever be grateful.”

“He’s done so well now that they are retesting him next week to probably graduate him out of the physical therapy program. He was supposed to be in it for 6 months and we’re less than 3 months in!”

“My daughter is no longer a “problem child”. She’s just a child, and a healthy one too! I know that homeopathy, and expert usage of it, is what has brought her to where she is today. Most impressive, though, is her attitude and maturity.  She is happy, socially successful, well directed, and a hard worker. “

“Our son is back to us, the way God created him to be before the toxic chemicals ravaged his body.  His life is forever changed because we put our faith in the ability of homeopathy to guide his body through the healing process.”

“She is doing really well. She is calling us whenever she wants, trying to spend more time with us. Eye contact has improved. When she has mood for it, she can communicate for long periods of time. Responding to name has improved. Back in December 2018, I remember my in-laws ask me to stay in room and wait till she calls me. I stayed in room but she never called me. Now in August, she is calling us “Mama”, Papa” very very frequently. Her vocabulary has improved a lot. Words like “I am not able to find it”, “amazing”, “can you fix this for me”, “put this up the wall”. Singular and plural, “both” etc. She is almost potty trained. She wears diapers only when sleeping even in day care.” (By the mother of an Indian girl age 3 1/2 in the Vaccine Detox program since May 2019.)

Vaccine Injury Recovery Consultation 

  • Initial appointments are $449 for a 1.5 hour phone consultation to discuss the case and get  specif vaccine detox protocols that follow for 3 months:
  • We are experienced experts in reversing vaccine injury using homeopathic medicine, hair testing and nutrient supports.
  • Our services is available  for clients living in the USA and Canada.
  • Appointments are scheduled as available and we often have a waiting list.
  • Vaccination injury recoveries  that we have supported with homeopathic care and detoxification include those from: DTaP, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis B, HIB, Influenza, Gardasil, Military, MMR, Shingles, Tetanus, tropical vaccines and others.
  • A minimum of 6 months of monthly chronic care is required on all vaccine injury cases for ongoing significant progress.
  • Contact us for information on chronic care fees for vaccine injuries.

What Is Involved With Vaccine Injury Recovery?

  • The homeopathic remedies for a vaccine injury that we use are made at a homeopathic lab rendering them safe and effective, Remedies are from the exact vaccines that caused the original damage.
  • This method of Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) has been used clinically to provide help the body reverse vaccine injury or vaccine damage and reduce the harmful effects of a vaccine.
  • A minimum of 12 weeks is normally needed to clear a single vaccine for a chronic care case.
  • HTMA – hair tissue mineral analysis is  used in order to see exactly what is going on in tissue mineral levels of 36 essential minerals in the body.
  • Nutrient therapies are needed simultaneously during homeopathic care to increase essential nutrients that are missing or severely low in vaccine injured clients.
  • Detoxification methods to support the body to detox heavy metals and toxic ingredients of the vaccines are also used.
  • Constitutional homeopathy is used to support the detox pathways  for a more efficient process.
  • Genetic tests to determine methylation patterns via saliva testing are sometimes used and will also shed light on the genetic factors involved in vaccine damage or injury.

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