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Complete the form below to begin a supervised Vaccine Injury Prevention program. This program and our expert guidance will help reduce the risk of severe adverse reactions or injury when vaccines must be given. Read more about Tips To Prevent Vaccine Injury.

We offer effective, customizable Vaccine Injury Prevention Programs for those in situations or  living in USA states where they must legally vaccinate.  We help clients to prevent serious adverse reactions when a vaccine(s) must be given.

This includes families living in California, Maine, Mississippi, New York, Washington and West Virginia who have lost religious or medical exemptions due to new state laws.

About The Vaccine Injury Prevention Program

  • The cost of this program with online Course is $349 per family plus $100 per month for 1 child, and an additional $50 per month for 2 or 3 children in the same family.
  • The enrollment fee includes a 1 hour personal Skype with the Homeopathic Practitioner who is an expert in both Homeoprophylaxis and vaccine injury prevention and vaccine detox .
  • The ongoing monthly supervision fee continues for the duration of this program.  The fee is for expert Practitioner guidance and email based supervision for any questions or concerns that arise during the Vaccine Injury Prevention Program.
  • The Course takes about 2 hours to complete online.
  • The Course must be completed prior to scheduling a private consultation to further customize your program.
  • During our consultation, we go over the details of proven strategies used to help prevent serious adverse reactions and  injury, when vaccines must be given.
  • The methods we use are based 10+ years of clinical experience with vaccine injured clients and children with autism. The methods are highly effective and include vaccine detox protocols per vaccine.

The Key Features of the Vaccine Injury Prevention (VIP) Program include:

  • Completing a Vaccine Toxins Calculator for the total aluminum and other toxic excipients that will be given.
  • A review of the vaccines required and our recommendation of the best vaccine order for the required vaccines.
  • Recommended alternative manufactures for vaccine(s) that are lower in aluminum content, where available.
  • A rotation of the vaccines given that contain aluminum excipients with those that do not is required.
  • A maximum of one vaccine given per month is allowed in this program.
  • Specific nutritional supplements to give before and after each vaccine to boost the immune system’s ability to detox more efficiently.
  • Specific strategies to use on the actual day the vaccine is given to reduce the risk of serious adverse reactions or vaccine injury.
  • Homeopathic supports and detailed instructions are used to prevent serious injury using a as part of the pre-vaccine, post-vaccine and detox protocols.
  • Access to purchase the required homeopathic nosodes that are prepared at a licensed homeopathic lab to help clear the vaccine ingredients that were injected.
  • Additional homeopathic prescriptions a supports for parent(s) and children for any anxiety, grief and worry about the need for vaccines and the whole process is also provided, free of charge.
  • We are available as needed for questions, emergencies, serious adverse reactions or other concerns if they arise.

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