Vaccine Ingredients and Religion

Vaccine Ingredients and Religion

The CDC Vaccine Excipients list, also known as the Pink Book, outlines the ingredients of all the vaccines currently available in the US.  Download the Vaccine Excipients Table 2018.

Conscious/Religious belief vaccine exemptions MUST be an option for all faith based persons

Animal or human ingredients in vaccines include
(Note: CDC recommended childhood vaccine are highlighted in yellow):

• BEEF – Bovine/calf/fetal bovine extract/serum – Adenovirus, DtaP, DTaP-IPV, DTaP-HepB-IPV, DTaP-IPV/Hib, Hep A, IPV, Japanese Encephalitis, MMR, MMRV, Rabies, Rotavirus, Tdap, Td, Typhoid, Varicella, Yellow Fever, Zoster (Shingles)
• CHICKEN – Chick embryo/fibroblasts/egg protein/ovalbumin – Influenza, MMR, MMRV, Rabies, Yellow Fever
• PORK – Porcine gelatin – Influenza, Rotavirus, Zoster (Shingles)
• INSECT – Insect (Spodoptera frugiperda) cell protein- Influenza
• DOG – MDCK (Madin-Carby canine kidney cells) – Influenza
• MONKEY – Vero Cells (African Green Monkey Cells) – DTaP-IPV, DTaP-HepB-IPV, IPV, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, Rotavirus, Smallpox
• SHARK – Squalene – Influenza
• GUINEA PIG – guinea pig cell cultures – Varicella
• HAMSTER – Hamster ovary cells – Zoster (Shingles)
• HUMAN – Human albumin/albumin serum/urea – Adenovirus, DTaP-IPV, MMR, MMRV, Rabies, Smallpox, Varicella, Zoster (Shingles)
• HUMAN – Aborted Human Fetal Cells
• MRC-5 (Medical Research Council 5, human diploid cells derived from the normal lung tissues of a 14-week-old male fetus aborted for “psychiatric reasons” in 1966 in the United Kingdom) – DTaP-IPV, DTaP-IPV/Hib, Hep A, HepA/HepB, MMRV, Rabies, Varicella, Zoster (Shingles)
• HUMAN – WI-38 human diploid cells (Winstar Institute 38, human diploid lung fibroblasts derived from the lung tissues of a female fetus aborted because the family felt they had too many children in 1964 in the United States) – Adenovirus, MMR, MMRV, Varicella

Religious Practices vary, but a number of religions do not allow the consumption of animal products:
• Buddhism – No meat
• Hinduism – No beef or chicken, including eggs
• Islam – No pork and only Halal meat
• Judaism – No pork or shellfish and only Kosher meat
• Rastafarianism – No meat or shellfish
• Seventh-day Adventist – No meat, especially pork
• Jainism – No meat or eggs

Catholicism, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Episcopal Church, the National Association of Evangelicals, the Southern Baptist Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science and Hinduism, among others are steadfast against abortion under any circumstances, including for medical testing or ingredients.

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Immunization Alternatives - Homeoprophylaxis

Immunization Alternatives – Homeoprophylaxis