Vaccine Friendly Doctors in the USA

Find A Vaccine Friendly Doctor in the USA

This list is taken from Others have been added as well. For the most update listing, please double check this website.

Learn about the current vaccine exemptions for your state at the National Vaccine Informality Center website.

vaccine_in_Baby_bestVaccine-friendly medical doctors understand the importance of spacing out vaccines, do not dismiss families that choose to not vaccinate and understand the importance of individualized medicine. Smart, caring, kind doctors are in favor of informed choice and patient-centered medical care. This is a list of medical doctors who will do their best to provide you with vaccine advice and alternative schedules.

  • NOTE: Please don’t call their offices asking numerous questions over the phone!
  • Call the doctor nearest you,  make an appointment and save all your vaccine questions for your face-to-face appointment. Please respect the doctor’s staff’s time and patients by following these guidelines.

Watch Jennifer Schmid, MSN, RN, CNL, Oasis Wellness and Christina Hildebrand, A Voice for Choice

“SB277: What Parents Need to Know To Make An Informed Choice”

For parents in California, with school children who fall under the  SB 277 law effective as of July 1, 2015, please also watch this video by Dr. Kelly Sutton about your parental rights regarding vaccinations, informed consent and getting a medical exemption.  Please also watch Dr. Kelly Sutton’s  the full video a the following link on Parental vaccine rights and California SB277 at

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Immunization Alternatives

Immunization Alternatives