Vaccine Exemptions For California University Students

Vaccine Exemptions For California University  Students

Learn more about how to get a vaccine exemption for a student of a California University.

college_students_group3Download Waiver for the California Objection To
Disclosure of Student Records (PDF)

Download Vaccine Medical Exemption Request Form For The University of California (PDF)

About Vaccine Exemptions for California University Students

  • To get the required information on vaccine policies for a college you must ASK THE COLLEGE. Each college may all have different requirements that may alter general University of California (UC) requirements.
  • In the University of California (UC) system, the new medical exemption policy has only gone into place this year. 
  • Prior to 2018-2019 school year they allowed people in without a medical exemption and without vaccination.
  • Every college student has to show proof of vaccination within the last 10 years.
  • Currently, it is up to the doctor’s discretion and is not based on contraindications (which it used to be).  The law s broader than SB277 because a nurse practitioner and a physician’s assistant can also write the exemption whereas for school only an MD or DO can.
  • If a school has a religious exemption option (which all do other than the UC’s) we suggest that you do NOT submit the medical exemption, but just submit the religious exemption. The way the college student does NOT have unnecessary medical information in their file.
  • In terms of other California colleges, we are still governed by the law that allows for personal beliefs exemption as long as you bring a letter that you have been informed by MD.

Current Guidelines on Vaccine Exemptions For California College Students

  • As it stands currently,  students have to go through the admission process first, and once offered admission, they will have to file “intent to register”.
  • Each college may has different priorities.  For example, UCLA is big on Hepatitis B, but can also accept titers in lieu of vaccination. See this link:
  • In all dealing with any college, students have to personally contact each and every person responsible for any paperwork including immunization.

This is the Health and Safety Code (HSC) that  applies in California:

  • DIVISION 105. COMMUNICABLE DISEASE PREVENTION AND CONTROL [120100 – 122420] ( Division 105 added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 7. )  PART 2. IMMUNIZATIONS [120325 – 120480]  ( Part 2 added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 7. )
    CHAPTER 1. Educational and Child Care Facility Immunization Requirements [120325 – 120380] ( Chapter 1 added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 7. )
    See this link:

Tips On Getting A Vaccine Exemption For a California College

  • Some students who go to UC colleges either go after they have turned 18 (as in graduate school) or they attend as transfer students or they have submitted to vaccinations as freshmen.
  • Each school department and admission office has to be contacted individually to receive individual exemption. Attached is a sample of what such request may look like.
  • Each student admission is considered on individual basis.  See this link:
  • Bottom line: if you are planning on attending a UC system college, each college will be different and have to be dealt with on individual basis.
  • Admission processes and registration process are not connected.
  • Check each college before applying and call to ask how the change of policy may be implemented for incoming freshmen students.
  • All and all college’s stand on vaccination will become one of the parameters you’ll have to consider when accepting admission.

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