Vaccine Dangers Videos

Vaccine Dangers  Videos

Take the time to fully education yourself and love ones on the dangers of vaccination.
Review this list and watch these vaccine dangers videos as time permits.

The Truth About Vaccines: Episode One
1:57:24 minutes

What California Parents Need to Know About SB277
(1:45:14 minutes)
For parents in California, with school children who fall under the  SB 277 law effective as of July 1, 2015.

Three Vaccine Mandate Myths

Please also watch this video by Dr. Kelly Sutton about your parental rights regarding vaccinations, informed consent and getting a medical exemption.  Please also watch Dr. Kelly Sutton’s  the full video a the following link on Parental vaccine rights and California SB277 at

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection
8:18 minutes

Anthrax  Vaccine Dangers: “Direct Order” Documentary (Full) – Soldiers Ordered To Take Anthrax Vaccine & Got Brain Damaged
44:08 minutes

Exposing DU, The Anthrax Vaccine & Gulf War Syndrome
1:46:05 minutes

FRONTLINE | The Vaccine War | PBS
54.01 minutes

Interview with Dr Judy Mikovits PhD on Retroviruses on 11.22.15 1:15:35 minutes

54 Percent of Children Suffer Disabilities Caused by Vaccination! 11:09 minutes

Truth and Gardasil: Interview with Dr Deirdre Little 8:39 minutes

VACCINES by Mary Tocco  Explains Everything YOU Need To Know 36.27 minutes

Trace Amounts – The Movie 1:33:08

The Greater Good – Think you know everything about Vaccines… Think again. 1:24:24 minutes

How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development – Dr Russell Blaylock MD  1:27:59 minutes

Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines – Movie – directed by Gary Null 1:48:05 minutes

Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination with Raymond Obomsawin 1:29:45 minutes

The Flu Vaccine – Short Video On the Flu Shot by makers of “Bought”  2:37 minutes

“Bought” – The Movie Trailer 4:58 minutes
The Hidden Story behind Vaccines, Big Pharma and Your Food!

Vaccine Dangers  Video: Profile of a Pertussis Vaccine Injury (54:41 minutes)

Vaccine Nation Documentary
1:29:40 minutes

HPV Vaccine Safety and Efficacy Issues: Dr. Tomljenovic’s in Vancouver, 2015. 27:34 minutes

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Bill Maher Show About Vaccine Dangers and Corruption 10:21 minutes

TRACE AMOUNTS Q & A with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Sacramento at the Crest on April 7, 2015  1:45:11 minutes

Vaccine Mandates: Greater Good or Greater Greed?
Learn about Big Pharma greed and vaccine dangers 29:21 minutes

Vaccine Dangers – The Truth Behind Vaccines 51:57 minutes

Injected! The Truth About Vaccines 2:04:13 minutes

Why Do Parents Refuse To Vaccinate Their Children? 1:08:27 minutes

Are Vaccines As Effective As Advertized?  (NO)  6:23 minutes

The Greater Good Movie
1:24:24 minutes

MMR Vaccine May Cause Cancer and Mutate DNA 4:21 minutes

About Aborted Fetal Tissues and Vaccines 2:35 minutes
A preview of the new DVD from Children of God for Life hosted by Debi Vinnedge: Aborted Fetal Vaccines and Beyond — Letting Just a Little Evil In. See more at





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