Vaccinations: Why Say NO!

Vaccinations: Why Say NO!

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Vaccines Are Toxic and Unsafe.
“Herd Immunity” Is a Myth.

A Balanced, Healthy Immune System Is How To Prevent Disease.

Homeoprophylaxis is a safe, homeopathic alternative that strengthens the immune system for natural  immunity.

  1. Learn more how to identify the signs of vaccine damage.
  2. Learn more how to prevent vaccine damage.
  3. Learn more many potential vaccine risks.
  4. Learn more how to use homeopathy for vaccine injuries.
  5. Read books on the dangers of vaccines.
  6. Read medical studies and research that connect vaccines to allergies, autism, autoimmune issues and neurological dysfunction.
  7. Read about the toxic ingredients in vaccines which contain including numerous chemicals as well as foreign RNA/DNA.
  8. Watch videos on the dangers of vaccines.
  9. Read about the current CDC schedule that requires 49 vaccines by age 6 and 69 vaccines by age 18.

Homeoprophylaxis the 100% safe, proven effective method to stimulate natural immunity to infectious diseases. We offer HP services for Pregnant Moms * Infants * Children * College & Medical Students * Adults & Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists.

Homeoprophylaxis - The Vaccine Alternative

Homeoprophylaxis – The Vaccine Alternative