USA Statistics on Vaccine Injury Claims

USA Statistics on Vaccine Injury Claims Paid

Since 1988, over 15,916 claims have been filed in Vaccine Court.
Of those 4,083 were compensated; 9,893 were dismissed.
Total amount  paid to victims is approximately $3.1 billion.

Download PDF of USA Vaccines Paid In 2014: Annual Judgment Report with List of All Vaccines Claims Paid by US Government by date, type of vaccine that injured and the amount paid as compensation from 10/1/13 – 9/13/14.

Download and Read US Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA) Statistics On Vaccine Injury Claims Filed

Read page 2, the table called “VICP Adjudication Categories by Alleged Vaccine For Claims Filed Since the Inclusion of Influenza as an Eligible Vaccine for Filings 01/06/2006 Through 12/30/2013”

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