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Below are some testimonials by clients who have used Homeoprophylaxis (HP) for their infants, children, college student, and other family members as well as for their international travel needs.

Also included are testimonials for those using our Vaccine Injury Prevention Program when vaccines must be given.
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Vaccine Injury Prevention Program Testimonials

“During the last few months, we have worked with the Vaccine Injury Prevention Practitioner to prepare and support my daughter, a nursing student, through mandatory vaccination for MMR.  She appropriately cautioned her to seek every possible alternative to receiving the vaccine, though unfortunately that was not possible.  She then dedicated a tremendous amount of knowledge, energy and experience into putting together a comprehensive and individualized protocol for my daughter to follow pre and post-vaccination that aimed at minimizing the risks inherent in vaccination, while maximizing her body’s ability to detox.  As a result, my daughter has not experienced any negative side effects at this point, a huge relief to me.  It is very apparent that she cares a great deal for the well-being of her clients including myself and my daughter.  I really appreciate that the Vaccine Injury Prevention Practitioner took the time necessary to ask the right questions to get the right information that she will use to get to the root cause of symptoms we are experiencing. In my experience as both a nurse and a patient, that is exceptional! Her knowledge is outstanding and we are grateful for her work.” (Testimonial from the mother of nursing student who had to receive the MMR vaccine, New Jersey, USA. May 2018.)

Homeoprophylaxis Program Testimonials

Homeoprophlyaxis Program  Testimonials

“The Practitioner explains everything in detail, it felt like she was sitting in front of me, teaching me in real life. She’s such an amazing Instructor and Homeopath. Love how she explains everything in detail and how she included the videos to watch. So informative and very helpful. I’m so grateful that I have found this amazing HP program.  Next I will work with her to help me detox my son from his vaccine injuries. All thanks to her my kids will have a healthier and brighter future!” (Chandre, Mom of 3, Florida)

“I wanted to tell you how deeply appreciative I am that you’ve been willing to work with me on all of this with the low income Homeoprophlyaxis Program.” (Allison , single Mom, Texas)

“I have to write to tell you just how impressed I am with HP. Back in December (2018) I wrote you about being exposed to influenza. My daughter and I were out with another mother and daughter. They were traveling in my car and the daughter was coughing like crazy. Every few minutes. Being young, my daughter and her had extremely close contact all night including passing a phone back and forth to read jokes. The girl even threw up on herself while we were out and of course had to come back in my car as we were about 40 minutes away from home. Clearly I had no idea how sick this child was or I wouldn’t have put us in risk. We had taken the Influenza HP the week prior and then the next day after exposure to her. The mom called me the following day to tell me the daughter had the flu. A day later, the mom got it.  HP worked so well that my daughter and I did not get it. Thank you for selling and supporting such a great Program! I am so impressed with the Program. “(Testimonial from Jessi,  mom in Florida, USA.)

“You mean a lot to me and my daughter – you have patience and compassion.” (Testimonial from single mom, Utah, USA.)

“I am so grateful I found this website! It is an answer to our prayers for safe protection for our children.” (Testimonial from home schooling mom, Illinois, USA.)

“We learned the hard way and have 2 vaccine injured boys and years of heart ache and expense trying to help them.  When our 3rd child, a baby girl was born, we knew we would never vaccinate her!  We’re using homeopathic immunizations for her with the children’s program and started her at 5 weeks of age.  We have peace of mind knowing her immune system is being supported and not harmed by vaccines.” (Testimonial from mother of 3, Australia.)

“I am 7 months pregnant and planning now to do homeopathic immunizations for our unborn baby as soon as they are 5 weeks old.  Thanks to this website, I have spent many months reading, researching and educating myself about the dangers of vaccines.  As new parents, we are  confident that HP will give our baby a safe start in life.” (Testimonial from a first time mother-to-be, Utah, USA.)

“Both our children ages 4 and 2 are unvaccinated.  Once we learned about Homeoprophylaxis, we knew this is the options we wanted for both of them and enrolled them in the Children’s HP Program. (Testimonial from a mother and father of two children, Australia.)

“With homeopathic immunizations, I’m protecting our children without subjecting them to  toxic vaccines –  or worse – vaccine injuries.  HP is our best possible solution! (Testimonial from a home schooling mom,  California, USA.)

“My son reacted immediately with an adverse reaction –  a full body rash and fever – to his third DTaP.  We stopped vaccinating him after that!!!  I do not want any more dangerous vaccines for him, or his younger sister who is not vaccinated at all.  HP allows us to give her the full Children’s Program and him a customized HP Program.  We love the flexibility of HP.  The HP Practitioner is very informed and professional.” (Testimonial from a mom of two, Canada.)

“I do not want to give any vaccines for my youngest child, because her two older brothers both had adverse reactions to their vaccines.  We are doing the full children’s program so we can give homeopathic immunizations to protect her. We will not risk any vaccine injury, based on our past experience with vaccines.” (Testimonial from a Mom of 3, Texas, USA)

“I did homeopathic immunizations for my college student and was relieved to not have him get unnecessary vaccines for college and put him at risk at this critical time in their educational lives.” (Testimonial from a mom of 2, New Jersey, USA)

“Our teenage daughter volunteers each summer to work several weeks with underprivileged children on an Indian reservation.  We used the tetanus HP for help her instead of the tetanus vaccine.” (Testimonial from home schooling mom, South Dakota, USA.)

“My college age daughter traveled from the USA with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). She lived and worked for one year in Australia. We used the HP program for missions workers before she left and while she was there, instead of giving her any vaccines.  She came home without any incident during the whole the trip.” (Testimonial from holistic mom, Colorado, USA.)

When my older son and his friend traveled internationally, I was so grateful to have the option of HP for travel.  We did HP for Dengue Fever, Hepatitis A and Malaria without given him vaccines and putting him at risk for a severe vaccine injury just because he wanted to go travel Asia for 3 weeks.” (Testimonial from a father of 2 college age students, California, USA)

“My oldest son used HP for travel abroad, to many countries over a one year period.  He had protection for several tropical diseases and we did HP because we did not want him to receive so many vaccines for a year of travel.” (Testimonial from the father of graduate school student, Illinois, USA)

“The Practitioner for is incredibly knowledgeable and provided the answers to all our questions and concerns.”My mother is age 88 and is in assisted living.  As a family, we did not want to give her a flu shot, because her immune system is just too fragile. Instead, our family together decided to use “homeopathic immunizations” for her as a senior. We give her Influenzinum every year, each month during flu season.  We made this choice after reading clinical research and were pleased to have access to affordable HP services.  (Testimonial from the daughter of a senior, Arizona, USA).



Homeoprophylaxis: 100% safe method to stimulate natural immunity to infectious diseases. HP services for Pregnant Moms * Infants * Children * College & Medical Students * Adults & Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists.

Homeoprophylaxis Experts

Homeoprophylaxis Experts