Homeopathic Remedies: How To Avoid Antidoting

How To Avoid  Antidoting A Remedy

Homeopathic remedies can be antidoted.
Learn how to not to antidote a remedy.
Avoid all of the products or situations below to ensure that the homeopathic remedy remains active. 

Water dosing a homeopathic remedy is the best way to ensure that the remedy can be dose repeated, therefore reducing any risk of it being antidoted.

Coffee and Black Tea

  • Coffee can also interfere with the remedy’s action.
  • If you are a coffee drinker, try to limit your use to the minimum or none while on a remedy.
  • Dose your remedy 1 hour after drinking any coffee.

Dental Work, Surgery and Other Medical Procedures

  • These can antidote the remedy action.
  • You will need to repeat doses if many cases and this often requires the assistance of a professional Homeopath.

Direct Sunlight Or High Heat

  • Direct sunlight, high heat or high temperatures and too cold temperatures will deactivate the remedy.
  • Keep remedies away from sunlight/hot areas of your home. Don’t leave remedies  in a car in the heat. 

vicsEssential Oils, Camphor And Eucalyptus

  • Products with these ingredients can antidote and interrupt a remedy’s action! 
  • Avoid All Of These!
    • All camphor or eucalyptus smelling or containing products
    • Vick’s Vapor Rub
    • Noxema
    • Ben Gay
    • Tea Tree Oil
    • Tiger Balm
    • Sea Breeze
    • Carmex
    • Chapsticks containing camphor or eucalpytus
    • Mothballs

Electric Blankets And Heating Padselectric blanket

  • These may deactivate a remedy, so please avoid their use during treatment.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

  • Don’t leave remedies next to your microwave or cell phone.

Prescriptions Drugs and Homeopathy

  • Prescription drugs, some over-the-counter drugs will antidote a remedy.
  • Chinese herbs and/or medicinal herbs and certain nutritional supplements can all negatively influence a remedy’s action.

Strong Flavors

  • Strong mints, Altoids, mouthwash, menthol, peppermint, etc. can antidote remedies.

X-Ray Equipment At The Airport

  • If you are flying, put your remedy in the basket provided for exposed film when you go through security.

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