Religious Exemptions For Vaccines

Religious Exemptions For Vaccines

The following comments about religious exemptions for vaccines are attributed to Alan Phillips. Alan Phillips is the nation’s only attorney whose practice is focused solely on vaccine exemptions and legislative activism.
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“The cited public law is not  law, not a statute, just a resolution–it has not binding legal authority over anyone or anything. In out country, **all** religions and religious beliefs not associated with organized religion are afforded the same protection under the U.S. Constitution.

Concerns about vaccine safety, however valid, do *not* qualify for a vaccine religious exemption. The law sees science and religion as mutually exclusive realms. The quickest way to lose a religious exemption is to raise concerns about vaccine safety or effectiveness, as these concerns are not protected religious beliefs under the U.S. Constitution.

There is no “correct” interpretation of the Bible or any religion for vaccine religious exemption purposes. So, it is pointless to assert any one particular interpretation of the Bible. One’s personal interpretation of any given religion or religions, or one’s personal religious beliefs, qualify for a vaccine religious exemption so long as they meet the legal definition of “religion” as the law defines it **for legal purposes,** which concerns only whether one’s religious beliefs and practices are protected by law, and not whether, ultimately, any given belief or interpretation of any religion is “correct” in any ultimate sense.

Anyone concerned with their rights with respect to religion and vaccines should take steps to inform themselves about the way the law actually works, and not make uninformed assertions based on how they think the law does or should work. In my experience, having worked with about 1,000 clients in over a dozen different exemption contexts concerning religious exemptions (birth, daycare, school, work, military, immigration, custody disputes, international travel, and various sub-categories of some of these), most people’s common sense approach is **not** fully consistent with the way the law works.

These are not short-answer questions–how does the law work, what are our rights, what qualifies for a vaccine religious exemption, etc.”

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