Reactions In Children To Homeoprophylaxis

Reactions In Children To Homeoprophylaxis

Reactions to the HP nosodes are rare.
They occur in less than 1% of all cases in the HP Program worldwide.
If they do occur they are typically mild and pass quickly.


  • The homeopathic nosodes are made through a process of potentization with dilutions and succussions
  • If you believe your child has reacted to the first single dose, please contact the Homeopath promptly.
  • The majority of children do not show any visible signs of reaction.
  • For those that do, it is considered that the stimulation of the remedy has triggered inherited weakness that are being pushed to the surface in an attempt by the body to produce a higher level of health
  • This can happen because the family history may have suppression with medical drugs of a similar disease to the one being dosed, or either of the parents had this disease and it was suppressed with medications.
  • If your child strongly reacts to any dose in the HP Program, contact the Homeopath before giving any more doses of that medicine.
  • Any reactions are NOT toxic reactions. They represent a clearing effect, which is a positive sign that the remedy has initiated a deep action with the body’s energy.
  • Any reaction, if it occurs is typically very mild and short lasting.
  • Symptoms of a reaction MAY include things like:
    • slightly running nose for a few days
    • mild rash
    • mild fever
    • mild cough
    • being more tired than normal
    • being restlessness during sleep
  • If there is any reaction, contact the Homeopath before giving the triple dose one month later.


Homeoprophylaxis is a safe and natural alternative to vaccines that stimulates natural immunity against infectious siseases. We offer HP services for Pregnant Mothers * Infants * Children * College & Medical Students * Adults * Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists

Immunization Alternatives - Homeoprophylaxis

Immunization Alternatives – Homeoprophylaxis