Military Vaccine Exemptions

Military Vaccine Exemptions

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militaryArticle: Navy revises vaccine exemption policy and regulations by attorney request – twice! Natural News, April 26, 2011

Military regulations offer military members medical and administrative exemptions, the latter of which includes religious exemptions.

  • Religious exemptions are also available to military families, children in military schools, and civilian military contractors.
  • Different regulations and laws may apply to each of these different areas.
  • Military members and schools are governed by Department of Defense regulations.
  • Military contractors’ religious objections fall under federal statutes and civilian civil rights regulations.

Read Military vaccine requirements 2006 [from Vaccine Liberation Army].

For military members, the exemption can be withdrawn if the mission is deemed to require that. Presumably, denial of an exemption application or withdrawal of a previously granted exemption would most likely occur when stationed outside the U.S. or in any location where infectious diseases are considered to pose a high risk–e.g., third-world and war-torn countries.

Military personnel cannot be vaccinated while a decision on a exemption application is pending.

There are some branch-specific variations. Strict adherence to the applicable regulations is necessary to ensure that proper procedure is followed and all requirements are properly presented. Care should be take to ensure that your statement of religious beliefs includes appropriate information and details and excludes anything that is not needed or that could undermine your exemption claim. For these reasons, an experienced attorney (Allan Phillips) is recommended. Information about what kinds of beliefs qualify and why, and other details, are provided in the book The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions.



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