Infectious Diseases and Homeoprophylaxis

Infectious Diseases and Homeoprophylaxis

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Below is a list of infectious disease and homeoprophylaxis remedies that are used for boosting the immune system natural to such diseases. We provide HP services for all types of infectious to diseases and for people of all ages.  You may select HP Programs for infants, children, teenagers, college students, adults and seniors. We also have HP Programs for medical students, business travelers, mission workers and tourists.

Homeoprophylaxis has been used for over 200 years successful both in epidemic diseases and diseases common to infants and children.  A 15 year clinical study done on children in Australia by Dr. Isaac Golden demonstrated the clinical effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis to be  90% for those children enrolled in this HP program over many years.

There have been numerous modern uses of homeoprophylaxis for infections diseases in the countries including on large populations in Brazil, Cuba, India, Japan, Tanzania.  Read more about clinical research regarding homeoprophylaxis.

The following HP Nosodes are available with supervision for purchase at

HP Practitioner supervision is required to purchase any of the homeoprophylaxis nosodes listed below.

  1. Anthracinum – Anthrax (HP Nosode)
  2. Chikungunya (HP Nosode)
  3. Cholera (HP Nosode)
  4. Dengue Fever (HP nosode)
  5. Diphtherinum – Diphtheria (HP Nosode)
  6. Enterovirus D68 Nosode (HP Nosode)
  7. Escherichia Coli – E. Coli (HP Nosode)
  8. Giardia (HP Nosode)
  9. H3N8 – Dog Influenza Flu (HP Nosode)
  10. H7N9 – Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) HP Nosode
  11. Hepatitis A (HP Nosode)
  12. Hepatitis B (HP Nosode)
  13. Herpes Zoster – Shingles (HP Nosode)
  14. HIB – Haemophilus Influenza (HP Nosode)
  15. Homeoprophylaxis HP Kit: CHILDREN (20)
  16. Homeoprophylaxis HP Kit: COLLEGE STUDENTS (20)
  17. Homeoprophylaxis HP Kit: TRAVEL (18)
  18. Human Papillomavirus – HPV (HP nosode)
  19. Influenzinum (1918) (HP nosode)
  20. Japanese Encephalitis (HP Nosode)
  21. Lathyrus Sativus – Polio (HP Nosode)
  22. Leptospirosis (HP Nosode)
  23. Lyme Disease (HP Nosode)
  24. Lyssinum – Hydrophobinum – Rabies (HP Nosode)
  25. Malaria Combination (HP nosode)
  26. Meningitis – Meningococcinum (HP Nosode)
  27. Mononucleosis – Mono (HP Nosode)
  28. Morbillinum – Measles (HP Nosode)
  29. MRSA Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (HP Nosode)
  30. Norovirus Nosode (HP Nosode)
  31. Oscillococcinum – actual Flu Symptoms Nosode
  32. Parotidinum – Mumps (HP Nosode)
  33. Parvovirus B19  (Human) (HP Nosode)
  34. Parvovirus (Canine CVP for Dogs) (HP Nosode)
  35. Pneumococcinum – Pneumoccocal Disease (HP Nosode)
  36. Polio [Salk] (HP Nosode)
  37. Respiratory Syncytial Virus RSV (HP Nosode)
  38. Rotavirus (HP Nosode)
  39. Rubella – German Measles (HP Nosode)
  40. Staphylococcinum – Staph Infections (HP Nosode)
  41. Streptococcinum – Strep Throat (HP Nosode
  42. Tetanus Toxin – Tetanus (HP Nosode)
  43. Trypanosomiasis (HP Nosode)
  44. Tuberculinum (Koch) – Tuberculosis (HP Nosode)
  45. Typhoidinum – Typhoid Fever (HP Nosode)
  46. Typhus – Rickettsia (HP Nosode)
  47. Varicella Zoster – Chicken Pox (HP Nosode)
  48. Variolinum – Small Pox (HP Nosode)
  49. Yellow Fever (HP Nosode)
  50. Zika Virus (HP Nosode)

Homeoprophylaxis a the 100% safe, proven effective method that stimulates natural immunity to infectious diseases. We offer HP supervision services for Pregnant Moms * Infants * Children * College & Medical Students * Adults & Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists.

Immunization Alternatives - Homeoprophylaxis

Immunization Alternatives – Homeoprophylaxis