About Homeoprophylaxis

About Homeoprophylaxis

Contact us to learn more about homeoprophylaxis services for all ages. We provide educational homeoprophylaxis services for children, college students, adults and seniors. We also provide customized HP programs for business travelers, mission workers and international tourists.

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized and highly diluted homeopathic substances in a systematic manner to boost natural immunity.


Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a method of increasing natural immunity with the safe use of homeopathic remedy for that disease. The action of HP is to “train” the immune system to the energetic components of a given disease in order to stimulate the immune system to boost immunity. This method has been clinically studied for over 15 years by Dr. Isaac Golden and is a safe and effective option based on homeopathic principles.

Homeopathic remedies are used to help boost natural immunity.  All homeopathic remedies are made under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Guidelines so that not a single molecule of the disease remains using dilution and potentization methods. Once a remedy is potentized and made into a tincture, only the frequency of that substance remains. This tincture is then  dropped on small pills to make each of the remedies  in various potencies. The potencies used most often for HP programs are typically the highly diluted potencies of 200C, 1M, and/or 10M.

Clinical Effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis

HP has a 90% effectiveness rating in clinical studies. HP has been used for over 200 years successful both in epidemic diseases and diseases common to infants and children.  A 15 year clinical study done on children in Australia by Dr. Isaac Golden demonstrated the clinical effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis to be  90% for those children enrolled in this HP program over many years. There have been numerous modern uses of HP for infections diseases in the countries including on large populations in Brazil, Cuba, India, Japan, Tanzania.  Read more about clinical research regarding homeoprophylaxis.

About Homeoprophylaxis Programs

Our HP Program is for those would want the 100%  safe and effective alternative method of immunity system stimulation.  We offer HP programs for all ages from infants to adults.   Read more about the Children’s HP Program. We provide homeoprophylaxis services for infants and children, teenagers, college students, adults and seniors. We also provide customized homeoprophylaxis programs for business travelers, missions workers and international tourists.


Using homeoprophylaxis, only the energetic memory of the disease remains with the high dilution method. Not a single molecule of the original substance remains, making the HP remedies 100% safe.  All homeopathic remedies are non-toxic but can still communicate information about that disease to the  the immune system so that the body makes a response to the remedy stimulation and “learns” about that disease process.

The process of this homeopathic stimulation is kept in the immune system’s memory, so that on exposure to the actual infectious disease, the immune system knows what to do, how to respond and how to effectively boost natural immunity to it.  It is the immunological education process, that builds natural immunity.

Homeopathic and nutritional products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Homeoprophylaxis Experts

Homeoprophylaxis Experts