Homeoprophylaxis Practitioner Training

Homeoprophylaxis Practitioner  Training

Contact us to learn more about Homeoprophylaxis Practitioner training.  Professional training and certification in HP is available globally on an ongoing basis through online webinars. Homeoprophylaxis Practioner training is designed for professional Homeopaths, licensed medical doctors and licensed health care practitioners who wish to integrate HP into their practices. You will learn all you need to know about to use HP and provide client support for HP options.  All HP training components are taught through convenient online webinars with experts.


About Homeoprophylaxis Training For Professionals

Requirements For Practicing Professional Homeopaths 

    • Homeopaths: Should have earned a certificate of a foundational homeopathic education (500 hours) from a recognized homeopathic institute and college.
    • Homeopaths and Medical Professionals: Completion of a basic anatomy, physiology and pathology college level course designed for Health Care Practitioners is highly recommended.
    • For HP certification you must complete Dr. Isaac Golden’s 12 hour online Professional Course In Homeoprophylaxis” for $400 (Register and begin now  here)
    • Certified Homeoprophylaxis practitioners are allowed to purchase HP kits through their practice and/or for their HP clients and patients.

Recommended Texts To Read To For The Homeoprophylaxis Training For Professionals (see more at homeopathy books)

  1. The Complete Practitioner’s Manual of Homoeoprophylaxis: A Practical Handbook of Homeopathic Immunisation
    by Dr. Isaac Golden
  2. “Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy” by Kate Birch
  3. The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative
    by Kate Birch  and  Cilla Whatcot
Homeoprophylaxis Experts

Homeoprophylaxis Experts