Homeoprophylaxis For Tourists & Mission Workers

Homeoprophylaxis For Tourists and Mission Workers

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Homeoprophylaxis For Tourists and Mission Workers includes customized programs to meet the individual needs for tourists, missions workers and travelers internationally. HP offers a safe, proven effective  solution to increase natural immunity from diseases for short and long term travel or mission trips.


Safety Of  HP Program For Tourists and Mission Workers

  • Homeoprophylaxis has been proven safe and clinically effective for over 200 years and on millions of people, worldwide!
  • HP programs can be customized to the needs of those who need to travel, including  tourists  and mission workers.
  • HP for travel programs are customized depending  the client’s travel needs, the countries that will be visited and for how long.

About The Tourist Or Mission Worker HP Program

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  • Homeoprophylaxis programs are available for global travel  where disease outbreaks can occur in certain geographic locations, such asCholera, Dengue Fever,  Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria, Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever, Zika Virus, etc.
  • Travel HP protection is available both for short term (less than 3 months) or long term for (3 to 24 months) and to various foreign countries.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to determine what travel diseases they wish to have infectious disease protection depending on where they will be traveling and for how long.
  • For questions about disease incidence in specific areas you will be visiting, call the CDC Traveler’s Health Hotline: 404-332-4559.

How Far In Advance Is HP For Travel Begun?

  • Customized HP Travel Programs for extended travel or travel to various global locations that requires protection for several types of for protection can be arranged.
  • The shortest amount of time before any travel that we will still provide HP travel services for 1 or 2 diseases only for is two (2) weeks.
  • HP dosing for travel in our HP program requires a person contact us a minimum of two (2)  months before travel begins for our supervision and optimum time in advance for 2 or 3 diseases.
  • More than 3 diseases for HP desired for travel will require more time in advance – contact us at least three (3) months prior to travel to discuss your needs.
  • Ongoing dosing of the travel HP remedies is typically repeated while the person is traveling in the area short term and where a given disease(s) is prevalent.
  • Long term HP dosing for disease prevention for travel stays that are longer than three (3) months are dosed different and dosing instructions are provided by the supervising Homeoprophylaxis Practitioner.
  • Long term travel HP is considered to be from 3 to 24 months and it requires different dosing of the HP remedies than short term travel.  Long term travel also requires a periodic repetition of doses.
  • Long term travel HP is done on a customized schedule, as discussed with the supervising Certified HP Homeopath.

Tourist and Mission Workers Disease Protection

  • We offer travel protection for tropical and other diseases, so that expensive and toxic vaccinations  do not  have to be administered.
  • Tourist and mission worker HP protection is provided for short term or long term travel to various countries globally.
  • We offer travel protection for tropical and other diseases, so that expensive and toxic vaccinations  do not  have to be administered.

Homeoprophylaxis for Travel Diseases is available for the following, depending on the client’s travel destination(s) and exposure needs:

  1. Anthrax
  2. Chikungunya
  3. Cholera
  4. Dengue fever
  5. Escherichia coli
  6. Giardia
  7. Hepatitis A
  8. Hepatitis B
  9. Influenza
  10. Japanese Encephalitis
  11. Leptospirosis
  12. Lyme Disease
  13. Malaria
  14. Measles
  15. Meningitis
  16. Mononucleosis
  17. Mumps
  18. Rabies
  19. Rubella
  20. Salmonella
  21. Small Pox
  22. Staph infection or MRSA
  23. Strep throat infection
  24. Tetanus
  25. Trypanosomiasis
  26. Typhoid Fever
  27. Typhus
  28. Tuberculosis
  29. Yellow Fever
  30. Zika Virus

Yellow Fever Vaccine and Other Information

  • Vaccines are not required for international travel except for Yellow Fever going in and out of tropical S. America, and Sub-Sharan Africa and possibly polio for Pakistan, per International Health Regulations.
  • Yellow fever vaccine is a live, weakened virus. It is given as a single shot. For people who remain at risk, a booster dose is recommended every 10 years.  Yellow fever vaccine may be given at the same time as most other vaccines. It will also depend however on how the disease is spread.  Measles is spread by droplet infection.  Yellow fever probably not so there may not be a danger of it being transmitted like other vaccines that shed.
  • Center For Disease Control www.cdc.gov
    The official CDC website contains an extensive section for travelers’ health. Information includes disease incidence by region, recommended vaccines, and extensive information about the vaccines.  For questions about disease incidence in specific areas you are visiting, call the CDC Traveler’s Health Hotline: 404/332-4559
  • Shoreland, Inc. www.tripprep.com
    This private company maintains this site of health conditions and recommendations, country by country.

Homeoprophylaxis: 100% safe method to stimulate natural immunity to infectious diseases. HP services for Pregnant Moms * Infants * Children * College & Medical Students * Adults & Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists.

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