Homeoprophylaxis and Antibody Titers

Homeoprophylaxis and Antibody Titers

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Homeoprophylaxis does not promise to raise antibody titers, but some families have reported raised titers on blood testing for some diseases.
Adequate titer or antibody levels may be accepted instead of vaccines for certain diseases, subject to state laws.

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Will Homeoprophylaxis Raise Antibody Titers In Blood Tests?

  • The potencies used in the Children’s HP Program are not designed to raise titers. 
  • Homeoprophylaxis is the energetic version of a given disease.  The HP remedies in the children’s HP program are so highly diluted that not a single molecule remains at the 200C and 10M potencies that are used.
  • However, some Homeoprophylaxis Practitioners and families have reported cases where titers did increase with both pre-tite and post-titer blood testing.
  • Whether or not this is attributed to HP can only be determined and tested on a case-by-case basis and possible disease exposures simultaneously for which titers were raised. Blood titers can be used confirm  blood antibody titers, per diseases being considered.
  • Blood Titers testing is available for:  Chicken Pox, Coccidioides, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae (HIB), Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, Polio, Rubella and Tetanus. See information below at the bottom on this page.
  • California Titers: If you have blood titers for a given disease, you will still need to get a medical exemption from that vaccine from a doctor saying your titers are high enough.
  • New York State Titers: Titers are accepted for MMR, Varicella and Hepatitis B. All other vaccinations require proof of immunization.  Titers are not accepted for Polio or DPT. (Polio titers are acceptable only if they show immunity to all three serotypes.  Since 2017, serotype 2 titers are not available in the US, so polio titers are essentially only accepted if they were drawn before 2017 or were drawn overseas where the testing is still available.)

What Are Titers?

In order to find out whether or not a person is immune,  a blood titer can be done. A blood titer is a blood draw that is analyzed to reveal the level of antibodies present. The number of antibodies counted will determine if the person is immune to a specific antigen (a virus). If the antibody count is below a certain number, the person is NOT immune and are at risk for contracting and spreading the disease. This can be determined by a blood titer, which will indicate the active number of antibodies.

If a person’s antibody count is below a certain threshold for a particular virus, they may be required to receive the vaccine to prove their immunity. This could mean that they haven’t been vaccinated before, or their antibodies are weakened and they need to have an immunity boost.

Do Titers Mean That There Is  Immunity?

No. Antibodies are not a true  standard of OVERALL immunity. The fact is that  immunologists will often disagree about the actual mechanisms of long term immunity. Some people are  HIGH responders and they will produce a high level  of antibodies. Others are LOW responders.  Still others  even NON-responders. Each of of these  groups of people will have a different  rates of possibly contracting disease(s).

In hospital and medical workers who must  get Hepatitis  B vaccines, even after vaccination,  some  will  be non-responders and show no antibodies at all despite the fact that they were vaccinated. Producing  antibodies is not a guarantee that you won’t possibly still contract a disease(s).

Tips About Getting Titers

  • If you don’t have a record of the previous vaccinations received, we suggest that you get your titers drawn first.
  • Measure your immunity level BEFORE getting vaccinated.! Your titers might indicate a high immunity to a specific disease, in which case you won’t need to get vaccinated for that disease.
  • Be sure to get quantitative titers, not serum titers.
  • If a specific titer indicates non-immunity, then your doctor  will likely recommend a vaccination.
  • Do not get a vaccine unless you have NO legal exemption available.
  • If you are vaccinated, titers should not be drawn until 6-8 weeks after the vaccination so that the titers have a chance to increase.

You may get blood titers from your doctor’s office or order any of these blood titer tests directly from Lab Corp at this link: https://www.directlabs.com/homeopathyforwomen/OrderTests/tabid/12767/language/en-US/Default.aspx

      • Chickenpox – Varicella-zoster
      • Diphtheria
      • Hepatitis A
      • Hepatitis B (order all tests on panel – particularly IgG)
      • Influenza – Haemophilus influenzae – HIB, Type B
      • Measles – Mumps – Rubella combination titers
      • Measles – Rubeola
      • Mumps
      • Pertussis – Bordetella Pertussis AB IgG
      • Polio virus
      • Rubella
      • Tetanus

References Ranges For Titers

Titers Test Reference Ranges
Bordetella Pertussis AB IgG 10 Years <66 IU/mL
11-59 Years <43 IU/mL
≥60 Years <32 IU/mL
Chicken Pox
Varicella-Zoster Virus Antibody (IgG)**
<135.00 Negative – Antibody not detected
135.00-164.99 Equivocal
≥165.00 Positive – Antibody detected
Diphtheria Antitoxoid ≥0.10 IU/mL
Haemophilus Influenzae Type B Antibody (IgG) <0.15 mcg/mL Nonprotective antibody level
0.15-0.99 mcg/mL Indeterminate for protective antibody
≥1.00 mcg/mL Protective antibody level
Hep B Surface Qualitative Non-Reactive
9.00-10.99 Equivocal
>10.99 Positive
Rubella*** <20.00 Negative
20.00-24.99 Equivocal
≥25.00 Positive
RPR Diagnosis (Syphilis) with Reflex to Titer and Confirmatory Testing Non-Reactive
Tetanus Antitoxoid ≥0.10 IU/mL
**Thus, a negative result in a vaccinated individual does not necessarily indicate susceptibility to Varicella Zoster Virus infection.
***The presence of Rubella IgG antibody suggests immunization or past or current infection with rubella virus.

Antibody Tests That Are Also Available For Certain Diseases

Coccidioides Antibody, Complement Fixation (Valley Fever)
Epstein-Barr Virus Early Antigen D Antibody (IgG)
Actin (Smooth Muscle) Antibody (IgG)
Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase-65 Antibody
Insulin Autoantibody
DNase-B Antibody
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Immunity, Quantitative
Gliadin Antibody Profile (IgG, IgA)
Hepatitis A IgM Antibody
Measles Antibody (IgG)
Myeloperoxidase Antibody (MPO)
Thyroglobulin With Thyroglobulin Antibody (TAA)
Anti-Streptolysin O Antibody (ASO)
Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibody, Serum
Hepatitis B Core Antibody, IgM
Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (CCP) Antibody (IgG)
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) (Viral Capsid Antigen [VCA] And Early Antigen [EA]), IgG Antibody Profile
Mumps Virus Antibody (IgG)
Mitochondria M2 Antibody (IgG), EIA
Epstein-Barr Virus Viral Capsid Antigen (VCA) Antibody IgG
Epstein-Barr Virus Antibody Panel
Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Total
PTH Antibody
Parietal Cell Antibody, ELISA
Centromere B Antibody
Anti-Gliadin Antibody Assay-ImmunoLabs Kit
Chromatin (Nucleosomal) Antibody
Hepatitis Be Antibody
Brucella Antibody, Agglutination
CICA: Serologic/Antibody Only-Cell Science Systems Kit
Celiac Antibody Panel-USBiotek KIT
TSH Antibody
Zinc Transporter 8 (ZnT8) Antibody
Liver Kidney Microsomal (LKM-1) Antibody (IgG)

A Case of Raised Titers After The Administration of Homeoprophylaxis in a Medical Student

  • This was a case of a medical student enrolled at a college where students and staff were required to be vaccinated for measles.  The student decided to do Homeoprophylaxis for the measles instead and drew blood titers through two different reputable labs, both before and after homeoprophylaxis for measles was given.
  • Please read the except below about about measles increasing in titers after Homeoprophylaxis was for measles using the HP remedy call “Morbillinum”.
  • In a story quoted below, copies of the blood antibody titers labs were provided. The labs indicated that for this person doing HP for measles using morbillinum, his titers were raised sufficiently enough to avoid mandated vaccination requirements at his university.
  • His labs indicated that his titers has increased enough after Homeoprophylaxis so that he was NOT required to be vaccinated, based on the increased documented titers.

A Story About Homeoprophylaxis For Measles and Increased Titers Verified By Blood Labs

Please read the excerpt below and read more about homeoprophylaxis from the full article here at http://thenatpath.com/body/pediatrics/powerful-and-effective-alternatives-to-vaccination/

“A powerful anecdote of Homeoprophylaxis occurred recently in one of my circles. I was quite alarmed to hear that one of the major naturopathic colleges in North America, where I teach my class of Holistic Counseling, began mandating measles vaccinations during the recent measles scare. Basically, if you were a student or worker at the college and your antibody titers against measles were too low, you could not enter the campus. Needless to say, like myself, many of the naturopathic students were in an uproar and did not want to have to take the vaccine when their antibody titers proved to be lower than acceptable. One student whose low titers meant he needed the vaccine, instead took the nosode for the measles, (the remedy prepared from the disease itself) called morbilinum. Ten days later he was very pleased to see that his antibody titers had risen to satisfactory levels. He did not need to take the vaccination. With his permission to publish the results, but respecting his desire to remain anonymous, as well as removing any personal information about the clinics and doctors, here are the results before and after the remedy morbilinum was taken.

See copies of the labs below for this student, for measured blood titers for the measles.

low-measles-titers-before-measles-homeopathicClick to see measles titers before HP was administered

Click to see measles titers after HP was administered

What Are Blood Titers For Measuring Antibodies and How Are They Used?

  • A titer refers to the strength or concentration of a substance in a solution.
  • Testing antibody titers is done through a blood test that can identify the presence of antibodies induced by vaccinations.
  • If the levels are satisfactory, the person is considered by governmental and medical authorities to have enough of a “protective antibody”.  This means that they are  considered to be “sufficiently immune to the disease” in terms of antibody production.
  • If titers are high enough then the person could state that vaccination was necessary at that time.
  • The protective levels stated in labs are are the same in all age groups.
  • Blood antibody titers tests can be ordered for both children and adults here through Lab Corp.  
  • Vaccine titers tests can be used to determine the need for additional vaccines and are a reflection of the ability of the immune system to respond to an antigen.
  • Remember that antibody titer tests can not distinguish between antibodies generated by a vaccine and those generated by natural exposure to diseases through an exposure or infection such as:
    • Becoming ill and recovering from the infection
    • Being exposed to someone with the infection but without having any symptoms of the disease
    • Being vaccinated
    • By a combination of the above.


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