Homeopathic Remedies For Infectious Diseases

Homeopathic Remedies Used For Homeoprophylaxis For Infectious Diseases

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Below is a list of common childhood diseases and the homeopathic remedies used for homeoprophylaxis as prevention.  We suggest the use of nosodes for homeoprophylaxis but remedies can be an alternative if you do not have access to the various nosodes.

  • Chicken Pox  –
    • Antimonium tart.
    • Pulsatilla
    • Rhus tox.
  • Cholera
    • Arsenicum alb.
    • Choleratoxinum nosode (supervision required, contact us)
    • Cuprum ac.
    • Veratrum alb.
  • Diphtheria
    • Apis
    • Mercurius cyan.
    • Diphtherinum nosode (supervision required, contact us)
  • Hydrophobia/ Rabies
    • Hydrophobinum nosode (supervision required, contact us)
    • Lyssinum nosode (supervision required, contact us)
    • Stramonium
  • Influenza & Colds 
    • Psorinum 200C nosode (supervision required, contact us)
    • given in the Fall before it becomes cold will strengthen the system against cold and flu virus;
    • Influenzinum et Baccilinum 200C (supervision required, contact us)
    • Dose very 3-4 weeks during flu season greatly reduces the incidence of colds and influenza.
    • Oscilloccocinum for Influenza – give 10 pellets twice a day given at the first sign of a cold or flu will often abort the infection.
  • Measles 
    • Aconitum nap.
    • Arsenicum alb.
    • Morbillinum nosode (supervision required, contact us)
    • Pulsatilla
    • Varicellinium nosode (supervision required, contact us)
  • Mumps  
    • Parotidinum  nosode (supervision required, contact us)
    • Pilocarpine
    • Trifolium re.
  • Pertussis/ Whooping Cough 
    • Cuprum metallicum
    • Drosera
    • Vaccinum
    • Pertussinum nosode (supervision required, contact us)
  • Pneumonia
    • Pneumococcinum nosode (supervision required, contact us)
  • Polio 
    • Carbolic ac.
    • Lathyrus sat.
    • Physostigma
    • Polio nosode  (supervision required, contact us)
  • Rubella
    • German measles
    • Pulsatilla
    • Rubella nosode  (supervision required, contact us)
  • Small Pox 
    • Antimonium tart.
    • Hydrastis
    • Kali cyan.
    • Variolinum nosode (supervision required, contact us)
  • Tetanus 
    • Ledum pal.
    • Thuj
    • Tetanotoxinum (Tetanus Toxins) nosode – (supervision required, contact us)
  • Tonsillitis/ Quinsy-
    • Baryta carbonica 30C given when inflammation threatens will abort the development of the inflammation

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