Homeoprophylaxis For Influenza

Homeoprophylaxis For Influenza – Flu Prevention For Influenza

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Say No To A Toxic Flu Shot!
Influenzinum 200CK is the Safe and Effective.
Flu HP helps improve natural immunity during flu season!

Purchase HP for Influenza (flu) with written dosing instructions for the whole family plus this year’s strain of Influenzinum 200CK 2019-2010 for $37 here:

Your written dosing instructions will include:

  1. HP For Influenza (Flu) dosing instructions for Adults & Seniors.
  2. HP For Influenza (Flu) dosing instructions for Teens & College Students.
  3. HP For Influenza (Flu) dosing instructions for Children & Infants.
  4. You will also receive influenza prevention dosing for direct exposure to the flu in the community, church or in the family.

About Influenzinum 200CK For Flu Prevention

  1. This product is available for shipping after mid October annually.
  2. One vial contains 80 pills which is enough for flu prevention for up to 6 people in the same family for the flu season months of October through March in the USA.

Steps  Prevent Influenza – Flu – Without A Dangerous Flu Vaccine!

  • Influenzinum 200CK  for the current year’s strain is  available in mid October each year.
  • This remedy is available to purchase and is a homeopathic nosode for the flu.
  • Influenzinum 200CK is the safe and effective homeopathic remedy for this year’s flu strains.
  • It is your safe option to a toxic flu shot that contains mercury, polysorbate 80 and other toxic ingredients!
  • Like all homeopathic remedies, Influenzinum is made in a homeopathic lab according to US Pharmacopeia guidelines and  sold to the public under FDA guidelines.
  • Each year, the homeopathic lab makes a new flu remedy for the current year and that version is available in late October.
  • The current year’s Influenzinum 200CK remedy is made from the current circulating flu strains in the circulating flu virus. 
  • All homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and are non-toxic. When a homeopathic remedy is so highly diluted and succussed, they do not contain a single molecule of the original material. Instead they contain an energetic signature. 
  • The  Influenzinum 200CK remedy will help to stimulate the body to recognize the current flu strain and increase the person’s natural immunity to it.


Homeoprophylaxis: 100% safe method to stimulate natural immunity to infectious diseases. HP services for Pregnant Moms * Infants * Children * College & Medical Students * Adults & Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists.

Homeoprophylaxis Experts

Homeoprophylaxis Experts