Hepatitis B Prevention and Treatment

Hepatitis B Prevention and Treatment: Homeoprophylaxis for Hepatitis B

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Homeopathic remedies will help a person with Hepatitis B relieve their symptoms effectively and naturally.
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Homeoprophylaxis for Hepatitis B Prevention
and Treatment

  • Hepatitis B
    This is the prescription only Hepatitis B nosode available through the Homeoprophylaxis  Program (HP) under supervision by certified Homeopath in HP.  
  • Hepatitis B is used as a preventative to build the immune system before exposure to the Hepatitis B and during any epidemic as a prevention.

Homeopathic Treatment for Hepatitis B
This can be a serious disease, please contact us for acute care.

Homeoprophylaxis Is The Safe, Proven Clinically Effective Alternative To Vaccines. It Stimulates Natural Immunity Against Infectious Diseases. We provide services to Children * College & Medical Students * Adults * Seniors * Mission Workers * Tourists

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