FAQ About Homeoprophylaxis

Frequently Asked Questions About Homeoprophylaxis

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about homeoprophylaxis from parents.  The answers below address questions about HP that we receive on a regular basis and our answers. 

Homeoprophylaxis Is Non-Injected, 100% Safe & Non-Toxic.
HP Has Been Shown To Be  90% Effective in Clinical Research on Children in Recent Studies.

1: Is The Homeoprophylaxis Program Safe?

  • YES. There is no danger or possibility of getting any infectious disease from the using the homeopathic remedies that are used in the HP Program. HP remedies are non-toxic.
  • All remedies are energetic in nature and the body reacts to them as frequencies.
  • Homeopathic remedies in the HP kits  are 100% safe and have been shown in clinical studies to be 90% effective.
  • HP remedies are energetic, not chemical and therefore they do not force an antibody production like vaccinations.
  • HP remedies are not material or chemical in nature.  There is not a single molecule of the disease on the remedy pill, only the energy signature which teaches the immune system and strengthens it.

2: Is Homeoprophylaxis Accepted As Legal Alternative?

  • No. HP is not recognized in the USA as a legal alternative for school enrollment, colleges, medical or dental schools, military service or other organizations.
  • You will still need to obtain an exemption, whether medical, philosophical or religious as allowed in your state.
  • Read more about exemptions allowed by state in the USA here.

3. How Long Has Homeoprophylaxis Been Used?

  • Homeoprophylaxis has been used successfully, on millions of people world wide for over 200 years.
  • Recent use in Cuba in 2007 and 2008 on a population of 2,000,000 citizens sponsored by their government was successful in an epidemic of leptospirosis. 

4: What Is the Overall  Effectiveness of the Homeoprophylaxis?

5. Who Benefits From Homeoprophylaxis?

6. How Much Does Homeoprophylaxis Cost?

7: What Age Can I  Start Homeoprophylaxis For A Child?

8:  How Long Does Take To Complete An HP Program For A Child?

  • The Children’s HP Program is completed over about 50 months for ten (10) diseases.
  • If the HP Program is started at one month of age, the child enrolled in the program would be finished by about age 4.

9: What Disease Protection Is Included In the Children’s HP Program?

  • Read more details on the Children’s HP Enrollment Course here.
  • The Children’s HP Program is for the ten (10) most common childhood diseases.
  • HP Remedies are normally given in in a specific order, beginning at 5 weeks of age. 
  • HP remedies are dosed in 2 potencies of 200C and 10M over a specific schedule.

10: Does Homeoprophylaxis Produce Titers?

  • The HP Program does not promise produce titers to the disease, nor does it need to in order to stimulate natural immunity.
  • Homeoprophylaxis is not a vaccination. Read more about HP and titers here.
  • HP is a method to boost immunity naturally by stimulating immunity.

11: How Does Homeoprophylaxis Work?

  • The various homeopathic remedies are given to help to educate the immune system and boost natural immunity to a given disease.
  • The homeopathic remedies used stimulate appropriate immunological response to natural disease and with this gentle stimulation, the immune system knows how to react and stay in the state of health. The method is based on both scientific and homeopathic principals.
  • All remedies are highly potentized and diluted, making them safe and gentle, while allowing them to be effective, even for infants.
  • Homeopathic remedies are made according to established and strict government guidelines per the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the USA.

12: Who Administers The Homeoprophylaxis Program?

  • Parents administer all HP remedies at home . They are instructed how to administer the program for their child through the online Course which is required in this program. 
  • Parents are also given email support and supervision during the entire HP program by professionally trained HP Practitioner who is certified to provide the immune system boosting method of Homeoprophylaxis.
  • Written instructions are and dose tracking sheets are also provided as part of the online Course.
  • Children who have been partially or selectively given shots may still participate in the Children’s HP Program to help boost their immune system. 

13: Who Supervises The  Homeoprophylaxis Program?

  • All HP Programs are supervised by a Certified HP Practitioner.
  • Our HP Practitioners are trained and certified in providing homeoprophylaxis by Dr. Isaac Golden and follow his method of HP adapted for the USA.

 14: What If A Person Gets An Acute Illness? 

  • The Program should be stopped temporarily during any acute illness.
  • The Program may be resumed about  1 week (7 days) after the resolution of an acute illness.

15: What If A Person Is On A Constitutional Homeopathic Remedy Now?

  • The HP Program may be interrupted if needed for constitutional prescribing with homeopathy.
  • The Program may be resumed before or after a constitutional remedy is given.
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Homeoprophylaxis Experts