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Dr. Isaac Golden, Ph.D(MA), D.Hom., N.D., B.Ec(Hon)

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About Dr. Isaac Golden, Homeoprophylaxis Expert and Author

  • Dr. Isaac Golden is a PhD, Naturopathic doctor and a homeopath who lives in Australia.
  • After the vaccine injury of one of his daughters in the late 1970’s he began to study extensively the historical and contemporary use of homeoprophylaxis as a safe alternative to vaccinations.
  • He is the foremost authority on homeoprophylaxis and consults with governments on homeoprophylaxis. Dr. Golden has treated vaccine injured children and those with autism in his 30 years of medical practice and has written books on this topic.
  • Dr. Golden is the author of many books on homeopathy and HP, including the comprehensive guide for professionals on homeoprophylaxis and he teaches, trains and certifies HP practitioners in his methods.
  • He has been a homeopathic practitioner since 1984 and has been teaching homeopathy for 24 years.
  • Dr. Golden is founder and Director of the Australian College of Hahnemannian Homeopathy which has offered distance education courses in homeopathic medicine for over 10 years.
  • In April 2000 Dr. Golden established the Homeopathy International Online College to teach simple courses in homeopathy and natural medicine.
  • He was the President from 1992 to 1998 of the Victorian branch of the Australian Homeopathic Association, Australia’s largest national organization of professional homeopaths.
  • In March 1999 Dr. Golden was awarded the Association’s Distinguished Service Award for his many years of service to the Australian Homeopathic Association and for his significant contributions to the homeopathic profession in Australia.
  • In April 2000 he established the Homeopathy International Online College to teach simple courses in homeopathy and natural medicine.

Homeoprophylaxis: 100% safe method to stimulate natural immunity to infectious diseases. HP services for Pregnant Moms * Infants * Children * College & Medical Students * Adults & Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists.

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