Costs For Homeoprophylaxis Programs

Costs For Homeoprophylaxis Programs

Learn about the costs for homeoprophylaxis in the details below.
Read about our new online enrollment course for the Children’s HP Program.
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Some of  our  Homeopathic Immunizations Programs may be customized to meet the individual needs and medical history of each person participating. 

Costs For Homeoprophlyaxis Programs

Children’s HP Remedy Kit

Supervision For All Programs  is with Kari J. Kindem, Certified Homeoprophylaxis  Practitioner (CHP)

  • A signed contract is required for supervision services for all programs.
  • A detailed written explanation of the dosing and a tracking schedule is provided  for all programs.
  • Includes email access for questions to the HP Practitioner during the entire HP Program.

Costs For Homeoprophylaxis Programs: Children’s HP Program For Ten (10) Diseases 

  • The new Children’ HP Program enrollment course is now $50 (a savings of $100!) from the normal $150 rate.
  • Your questions how to dose  on a  schedule for the Children’s HP Program will be taught  in detail. Written instructions and dosing charts are also provided in the course.
  • This program extends over about 50 months and includes the Certified HP Practitioner’s  supervision and guidance by email during this period.
  • The HP remedies are required are given in a specific dosing schedule over about a 50 month period.
  • HP and can begin as early as one (1) month of age or any time after.
  • The cost for this program is $275 and includes all 10 diseases for the first child, 2nd child in the same family is $175; the cost for a 3rd child is $75.  Large family discounts also apply.
  • Those families complete the course within the first seven (7) days of enrollment, will also receive an additional 20%  discount on supervision fees, per child.
  • The Children’s HP Remedy Kit to sold to enrolled clients under our supervision only.  The cost for our enrolled clients is $125 plus $12 shipping in the USA. 
  • One kit can provide homeopathic immunizations for 4 children in one family.
  • HP Kit includes disease protection contains homeopathic remedies for ten (10) diseases, in 2 potencies of each of 200C and 10M for:
    1. Pertussis – “Whooping cough”
    2. Pneumococcal Disease
    3. Polio
    4. HIB Influenza, Type B
    5. Meningitis
    6. Tetanus
    7. Measles
    8. Mumps
    9. Chicken Pox – Varicella zoster
    10. Influenza

Add On Childhood Diseases

  • Add on diseases for protection that are not listed in the Children’s HP Program can be ADDED at a fee of $25 per disease for each person when added at  the same time to the Children’s HP program.
  • HP remedies are at an additional $30 per disease,  plus shipping
  • Add  On Childhood  Diseases include:
    1. Diphtheria
    2. Hepatitis B
    3. Rotavirus
    4. Rubella – German measles
  • Discount pricing for more than one child doing Add On diseases will also apply.
  • Individual HP remedies for Add On’s are sold only to supervised clients.

Costs for Homeoprophylaxis Programs Customized For: Business Traveler, College & Medical Students, Adults & Seniors, Mission Workers, Tourist & Travelers

    • A Skype Consultation for $150 is required for more than 2 diseases in any customized HP program.
    • Note: If you are doing only one or two diseases, we will provide written email dosing instructions for $75 for 1 disease, $125 for 2 diseases –  instead of the $150 Skype.
    • A Skype consultation is scheduled within 1-2 weeks of your inquiry.
    • During your skype consultation, the HP Program dosing cycle will be explained in detail. You will receive detailed written dosing instructions for the  program selected.
    • Supervision fees are in addition to the skype consult fee for 3 or more diseases. The supervision fee is paid up front and covers ongoing questions by email to the HP Practitioner during the duration of your program.
    • Supervision fees for customized HP Programs are: $75 for the 1st disease for protection, $50 for the 2nd, $25 for the 3rd or more diseases at same time.
    • Additional family member discounts also apply if enrolled at the same time.
    • College & Medical Student HP Programs should begin about  2 to 3 months prior to starting college for optimum effectiveness. The program is customized and disease protection is  based on the student’s college needs.
    • HP College Student Kit is $150 plus $12 shipping in the  USA.
    • Tourist & Traveler HP Programs must begin a minimum of 1 to 2 months prior to travel optimum effectiveness. This program is customized based on the person’s needs and travel locations.
    • We require that the client research their list of disease(s) for their travel purposes and to specify this in the form below.
    • HP Travel  Kit is $150 plus $12 shipping in the  USA.
    • Mission Workers  receive a 50% discount on their supervision fees.
    • Purchasing HP Remedies:  Individual HP remedies are $15 per potency plus $12 shipping  in the USA.
    • HP kits and HP remedies are only sold to our supervised clients.
    • Purchase all HP remedies and kits at our online store at

Homeoprophylaxis Is The Safe, Proven Clinically Effective Alternative To Toxic Vaccines That Stimulates The Body's Natural Immunity Against Infectious Diseases. HP Services for Children * College & Medical Students * Adults * Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists

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