Costs For Homeoprophylaxis Programs

Costs For Homeoprophylaxis Programs

Learn about the costs for homeoprophylaxis in the details below.
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We offer a Children’s HP Course  plus other HP Programs.
Programs may be customized to meet the individual’s needs.

Costs For Homeoprophlyaxis Programs

Children’s HP Remedy Kit

Supervision For All HP Programs  is with Kari J. Kindem, Certified Homeoprophylaxis  Practitioner (CHP).

Costs For Homeoprophylaxis Programs: Children’s HP Program For Ten (10) Diseases 

Add On Childhood Diseases

Costs for HP Customized Programs For: Business Traveler, College & Medical Students, Adults & Seniors, Mission Workers & Tourists

  • Email Based Supervision and Dosing Instructions: If you only need one, two or three or four diseases for HP, we provide written, detailed dosing instructions plus a dosing chart by email. The cost is for $75 for 1 disease, $125 for 2 diseases and $150 for 3 diseases and $200 for 4 diseases.
  • A Skype consultation for $150 for 1 hour is required for more than 4 diseases and scheduled within 1-2 weeks of your inquiry. During your consultation, the HP Program dosing cycle will be explained in detail for your customized program.  You will receive detailed written dosing instructions for your customized program.
  • College and Medical Student HP Programs should begin about  2 to 3 months prior to starting college for optimum effectiveness. The diseases included are customized based on the student’s needs and location.
  • Adult, Tourist, Mission Worker and Business Traveler HP Programs should begin a minimum of 1 to 2 months prior to travel for optimum effectiveness. The diseases included are customized based on the traveler’s needs and travel locations.
  • The HP College Kits  and HP Travel  Kits are $150 plus $12 shipping in the  USA. HP kits are only sold to our enrolled clients.
  • Individual HP remedies for customized disease are $30 for 2 potencies plus $12 shipping  in the USA.
  • HP kit and HP remedies are only sold to our enrolled clients.

Homeoprophylaxis Is The Safe, Proven Clinically Effective Alternative To Toxic Vaccines That Stimulates The Body's Natural Immunity Against Infectious Diseases. HP Services for Children * College & Medical Students * Adults * Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists

Immunization Alternatives

Immunization Alternatives