Acute 200C Homeopathic Remedy Kit

Acute 200 Homeopathic Remedy Kit

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Having an acute care remedy kit in the household give you convenient and immediate access.  You will be able  o handle family’s acute illnesses effectively and quickly – with homeopathy!

About the Acute Remedy Kit with 50 Remedies

Acute Remedy Kit – 50 remedies in a 200C Potency
Inside of Acute Remedy Kit – 50 remedies in a 200C Potency

About The Acute 200C Remedy Kit

  1. Aconite
  2. Allium Cepa
  3. Alumina
  4. Antimonium Tart.
  5. Apis
  6. Argentum nitricum
  7. Arnica
  8. Arsenicum album
  9. Belladonna
  10. Bryonia
  11. Calcarea carbonica
  12. Calendula
  13. Cantharis
  14. Carbo Veg.
  15. Causticum
  16. Chamomilla
  17. Cinch. Off (China)
  18. Cocculus
  19. Coffea Cruda
  20. Colocynthis
  21. Drosera
  22. Euphrasia
  23. Ferrum Phos
  24. Gelsemium
  25. Hepar Sulphur
  26. Hyoscyamus niger
  27. Hypericum
  28. Ignatia
  29. Ipecac
  30. Kali Bich
  31. Lachesis
  32. Ledum
  33. Lycopodium clavatum
  34. Magnesia Phos
  35. Mercurius sol.
  36. Natrum mur.
  37. Nux vomica
  38. Phosphorus
  39. Pulsatilla
  40. Rhus Tox
  41. Ruta
  42. Sepia
  43. Silicea
  44. Spongia
  45. Staphysagria
  46. Stramonium
  47. Sulphur
  48. Symphytum
  49. Thuja
  50. Zincum metallicum

Why Own An Acute Remedy Kit?

  • Buying a 200C remedy kit will save you substantial money on remedy costs as well over time and give you the immediate convenience of remedies at home for all your family members!
  • A remedy kit can be used for many years and remedies do not expire as long as the acute kit  is stored properly.
  • This Acute Remedy Kit combines the most frequently used acute homeopathic remedies to provide convenient and prompt access necessary for first aid and to effectively treat common acute health care issues including:

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