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Homeoprophylaxis For Influenza Is Now Available!

Influenzinum 200CK 2018-2019 Is For This Year's Circulating Flu Strains
Use Homeopathy for Safe and Effective Flu Defense
and Avoid a Toxic Flu Shot!

Click here to Buy Influenza 200CK for 2018-2019
with family dosing instructions for $37.

  • We offer the safe, effective homeoprophylaxis for the flu using Influenzinum 200CK for 2018-2019 that contains this year's actual circulating flu strains.
  • This item includes dosing instructions and one (1) vial of Influenzinum 200CK 2018-2019 for $37 which is purchased at:
  • This remedy ships after 10/19 and should be ordered now because the lab ran out of supply last year before the end of the flu season.
  • Dosing instructions are downloaded immediately on purchase and can be used for the entire family!
  • Just one (1) vial of Influenzinum 200CK for 2018-2019 can be used for up to 6 people in the same family. The remed will be dosed during flu season which is from October to March in the USA.
  • All homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and are non-toxic. all homeopathic remedies is made in a lab to be so highly diluted and potentized that they do not even contain a single molecule of the original material. Instead they contain an "energetic signature" that stimulates the immune system. This makes them 100% safe.

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