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We #1 Provider Of Homeoprophylaxis Services For USA Families.
We Help You Achieve Natural Immunity &  Prevent Vaccine Injury.

Contact us below now to learn about safe, clinically clinically effective homeopathic immunizations for yourself self, your child, or other family members.  Achieve long term natural immunity from  infectious diseases and avoid toxic vaccination risks.

This website is published by Kari J. Kindem, AIT Practitioner, CFHom, CHP, CEASE and Classical Homeopath who is based San Jose, California, USA.  She and her team work exclusively via skype anywhere in the USA by email and skype conferencing, so travel is not required. She is an experienced and  trained Homeopathic Immunization Specialist who provides homeoprophylaxis (HP) services for hundreds families across the USA!  Kari has been in a full time private practice also with her large website at Homeopathy For Women since 2008 and is an highly skilled Classical Homeopath,  with a specialty autism and vaccine injury. She has treated hundreds of such cases successfully with homeopathy and nutrient therapies and hundreds of other acute and chronic conditions in her busy practice.

  • We work via Skype video conferencing and email with all clients.
  • We supervise all Homeopathic Immunization (HP) Programs via Skype and email.
  • No travel to our office is not required.  
  • We are not legally able to provide any medical exemptions for vaccines.
  • Homeopathic immunizations are NOT currently a legally recognized alternative to vaccines when required for school enrollment, colleges, medical workers, military or other government organizations.
  • We recommend families do HP for the protection it offers and also obtain the allow medical, philosophical or religious exemptions for further vaccinations as allowed in their state.

Initial Phone Consultation Fee

HP helps to increase naturally immunity and prevention of all types of infectious diseases and is effective in all age groups. 

  • Homeopathic Immunization services must be supervised and we offer supervision anywhere in the USA and Canada plus a few other English speaking foreign countries.
  • Initial phone or Skype consultation for enrollment in any HP Programs is $150 for a 1 hour consultation to discuss homeopathic immunizations desired and set up your HP program.  The required HP remedies or HP Kit are sold only to those enrolled in a HP Program.
  • The enrollment fee covers a whole family in the same household for any individual(s) desiring a supervised HP Programs.
  • The fee is paid by credit card on scheduling the consultation.

Read more details about each HP Program and the Costs For HP:

Please Complete The Form Below! You will receive an immediate email reply with all Program details for HP Program we offer with and details on the costs for getting started with a HP of your choice.  Once reviewed you may schedule your HP consultation, usually within 1-2 weeks of your inquiry.  HP for upcoming travel inquiries can be normally be scheduled within 1 week.

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Homeoprophylaxis Is The Safe, Clinically Effective Alternative To Vaccinations For Natural Immunity To Infectious Diseases! We provide Homeopathic Immunization services for all ages! Children * College Students * Adults * Medical Workers * Missionairies * Tourists * Business Travelers.

Homeoprophylaxis – Homeopathic Immunizations

Homeoprophylaxis – Homeopathic Immunizations