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For acute care with homeopathy for an infectious disease in progress, go here.

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HP does not produce measurable titers and  is not accepted
legally for vaccines in the USA, Canada and other countries.
You will still need to obtain a medical, philosophical or religious exemption as allowed by your state or country.

HP Helps Increase Naturally Immunity.
Safe and Effective For All Age Groups From Infants to Seniors!

  • We provide services for all ages and consult via Skype.
  • We supervise all HP Programs via email.  No travel is required.
  • We do not write any medical exemptions.
  • Homeopathic immunizations are not yet a legally recognized alternative to vaccines where required for school enrollment, colleges, medical or dental schools, military service or other educational or government organizations.
  • We recommend families do HP and obtain the medical, philosophical or religious exemption from vaccinations that are legally allowed in your state or country.
  • See for vaccine exemptions allowed by USA state.
  • Search here to find a Vaccine-Friendly Doctor.
  • Read the criteria for obtaining a medical exemption in the USA.

About HP Skype Consultation Fee

  • Practitioner Supervision Is Required For All  HP Services:  All HP services are  supervised by Kari J. Kindem, AIT, CFHom, Certified Homeoprophylaxis Practitioner (CHP), CEASE Practitioner, Classical Homeopath and HTMA Practitioner.  She is based in San Jose, California, USA.  Read more about Kari here.
  • Consultation Fee: The one time consultation fee for all HP Programs is $150 for a 1 hour skype consultationThis fee is paid in advance to hold your confirmed appointment spot here.
  • During your consultation, we discuss your HP needs and set up your HP Program. We will give you detailed, written dosing instructions, explain the dosing for your Program and answer all your questions.  
  • One consultation fee covers the whole family in the same household, for all members enrolled in any  HP Program.

About HP Program Supervision Fees

  • HP Program Supervision Fees are in addition to the one-time skype consultation fee.
  • The supervision fee cover ongoing email based services for the entire duration of the selected HP Program.  Read more details here.
  • Standard USA HP Program For Children: Comprehensive 10 disease Children’s Program is: $275 for the 1st person, $175 for the 2nd, $75 for the 3rd or more people in the same household enrolled this HP Program.  Large family (more than 5 children) discounts will apply if all children are enrolled at the same time.  Payment plans up to six (6) months are available for those in need.
  • Single Disease HP Programs:  For single diseases as requested instead of the above Children’s Program: $75 for the 1st disease for protection, $50 for the 2nd, $25 for the 3rd or more diseases when contracted at same time. Additional family member discounts apply if enrolled at the same time.
  • Business Traveler, College & Medical Students, Mission Workers, Tourist HP:  $75 for the 1st disease for protection, $50 for the 2nd, $25 for the 3rd or more diseases at same time.  Additional family member discounts also apply if enrolled at the same time. Tourist HP must begin a minimum of 1 to 2 months prior to travel, depending on the person’s needs. College & Medical Student HP must begin a minimum of 2 to 3 months prior to starting college or medical school, depending on the student’s requirement and needs.

HP Remedies & Kits Are Required

  • HP Remedy Kit For Programs:  Kits are only sold to those enrolled and in supervised HP Programs.
  • HP Kit is $125 plus $12 shipping in the  USA.   One Children’s Program kit is enough for four (4) people in the same family.
  • HP Single Remedies For Purchase:  Individual HP remedies are $20 per set (200C and 10M), plus $12 shipping in the  USA per order.

Note: We receive many inquiries and have limited enrollments available each month.

  • If you are NOT ready to start an HP Program in the next month, please WAIT to complete the form below until the month you are ready to begin.
  • This website has comprehensive, free resources; take the time to read more information.
  • General Inquiries: We’re busy helping many enrolled families.  We do not provide HP dosing advice unless someone is an enrolled client in an HP Program. We do not answer questions about HP dosing to someone being supervised by another Practitioner.  We do not answer Practitioner questions about HP dosing.
  • Homeopaths and Health Care Practitioners: Professionals who want to become certified as a Homeoprophylaxis Practitioner may enroll in a 12 week professional HP training course here.  A a professional courtesy, HP Kits are only sold one (1) at a time to a Health Care Practitioner who is already HP certified with proof  of certification.

Ready To Start HP This Month?
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  1. On submission, you’ll receive an immediate email reply with all the details of the various HP Programs we offer, including the ten (10) disease Standard USA Children’s HP Program.
  2. Skype consults are scheduled within 1-2 weeks of your inquiry.  Once your appointment is confirmed you must make your $150 consultation payment to hold your spot.
  3. Be sure to CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER for the detailed email that you’ll receive immediately on submission from the email and ADD this address of:
  4. You must also ADD THIS EMAIL for Kari J. Kindem, kari (at) homeopathyforwomen (dot) org so you do not miss important appointment scheduling correspondence.

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Homeoprophylaxis Is The Safe, Proven Clinically Effective Alternative To Toxic Vaccines That Stimulates The Body’s Natural Immunity Against Infectious Diseases. HP Services for Children * College & Medical Students * Adults * Seniors * Mission Workers * Business Travelers * Tourists

Immunization Alternatives

Immunization Alternatives